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'Tiger King' Joe Exotic Sues Ex-Zoo Partner Jeff Lowe From Prison, Claims He Was Falsely Arrested

By Ryan Naumann

The star of Netflix’s “Tiger King”, Joe Exotic, has filed a $73 million-dollar federal lawsuit against his former business partner Jeff Lowe along with several government agencies.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Joe Exotic (real name: Joseph Maldonado-Passage) is suing Lowe, the U.S. Federal Wildlife Service, the United State Department of Interior along with James Garrettson, Daniel Ashe and Allen Glover.

If you didn’t catch the docuseries, Exotic sold Lowe his G.W. Zoo before being sentenced. He was hit with 22 years in prison for attempting to pay a hitman to kill a rival and killing five tiger cubs.

Lowe changed the name of the zoo to Greater Wynnewood Animal Park. We won’t spoil it but Exotic and Lowe do not get along. Exotic put together the lawsuit while incarcerated at Grady County Jail in Oklahoma.

The lawsuit accuses the defendants of violating his civil rights including due process, selective enforcement, discrimination, right to post pond, false imprisonment, false arrest, perjury and entrapment.”


In the lawsuit, Exotic accuses the U.S. Department of Interior of conspiring to get him in trouble with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife. He claims he followed the laws relating to the federal animal welfare act.

Exotic lays out a wide-reaching conspiracy by officials against him. He believes they launched an investigation into him to “allow them to file charges to put me in jail and out of business. Therefore stealing my property and promoting an animal rights agenda.”

He believes special agents specifically targeted him and “knowingly accepting statements he knew were false, allowing his witnesses to lie under oath. Miss leading (sic) a grand jury and not seeking the truth to further an animal rights agenda. False arrest, entrapment, false imprisonment, all contributing to my mother’s death.”

Facebook/Jeff Lowe

Exotic accuses Lowe of having “files false statements to the federal agents. He was the main person in this entrapment scheme to take my zoo fro FREE. Changed my medicine with illegal drugs, stole my animals under fraudulent reasons. Destroyed my house with all my personal property in it. Couched and encouraged the government witnesses to lie under oath.”

He accuses a man named James Garresttson of being an informant who was offered $100,000 to set him up “while he was stealing peoples ID’s and credit cards, lying under oath.”

Exotic says he is seeking for “the law to be enforced fair and equal. I am the only person criminally charged while the government lets a private nonprofit group civilly sue everyone else, and want re-oaid for my personal property and 18 years of research lost due to this, they are miss reading the law just to further and agenda.” He believes he is entitled to $73,840,000 in damages.

Prior to filing the lawsuit, Joe Exotic wrote on Facebook, “At 12:01am Friday Morning 132 countries that get netflix most will be trapped in their own homes with nothing to do but watch the TV series "Tiger King" and the entire world will know what these people did to put me here. I have been promised the Government agents wont be able to cover up the corruption they took part in.”

As The Blast first reported, Exotic is unable to watch the Netflix series from behind bars.

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