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'The Bella Twins' Star Nikki Bella Shows Off New Heartwarming Photos Of Baby Matteo!!

By Mike Walters

'The Bella Twins' star Nikki Bella is sharing new photos of her precious baby boy, Matteo, and at the same time giving new mothers advice on her experiences in newborn parenting!

The 'Total Bellas' star posted several new photos on Instagram of baby Matteo, including his first Sunday day, getting ready for 'sleep training.' If you don't know what that is...Nikki is about to lose a bunch of hours of sleep, but it is worth it!

Today is a big day for the family, as daddy Artem Chigvintsev heads back to the dance floor for the premiere of 'Dancing With The Stars' on Monday night.

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See Nikki Bella's New Cute Baby Pictures!!


"Before the Sunday laughs, Mama introduce Matteo to the first day of sleep training and I got the major Yo Ma Fuggedaboutit lol but once he realized it’s not so bad he was all smiles! Plus I introduced him to my Sunday worship playlist 🥰 Obsessed with @takingcarababies program! Brie used it with Birdie and now Buddy and got amazing results and already is getting amazing results. Here’s to eventually sleeping through the night!!" Nikki posted on IG.

The keyword in that sentence is "eventually" -- if you haven't done this yet, it is not fun the first few nights!

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Daddy Starting 'Dancing With The Stars' - Baby Starts Sleep Training!


As we said, Matteo's father is preparing to hit the stage this week and has had to quarantine himself away from his family due to COVID-19.

“Finally got situated in my trailer for the next, hopefully, 11 weeks,” the dance pro posted.

He continued, “Welcome to my house. I need to swap those pictures behind me to Nicole and Matteo’s pictures, obviously, to feel like I’m actually home.”

“Today’s an exciting day, We’re shooting our opening number, plus we’re doing our first pictures with our celebrity partners. Excited to do that and finally maybe share with you, I guess on the 14th still, who we’re dancing with. It’s getting closer. I think there’s only two days of rehearsals left and then there’s showtime so get excited," he wrote about 'DWTS.'

Nikki Bella: My Heart Is Melting!


“Missing my loves already @thenikkibella,” he posted.

As we reported, in August BOTH 'Bella Twins' gave birth to beautiful baby boys -- just 24 hours apart!!

Nikki's baby was actually born first, and she posted, "7/31/2020 💙 -- Our baby boy is here and we couldn’t be HAPPIER and more in LOVE! Everyone is safe and healthy."

The next day, sister Brie Bella gave birth to a baby boy with her WWE star husband.

It is going to be very tough being away from his family while 'DWTS' -- but, trust us Artem, the first few days of sleep training you would rather be sleeping in the lonely trailer!

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