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Sylvester Stallone & Daughters Dress Up As Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, Jeff Lowe And Other 'Tiger King' Stars

By Jeff Mazzeo

In the Stallone household, "Tiger King" is not over... NOTHING IS OVER!

Sylvester Stallone, his wife Jennifer Flavin, and their beautiful daughters, Sophia, 23, Sistine, 21, and Scarlet went exotic on Tuesday and we mean Joe Exotic. They dressed up as all the main players from Netflix's hit documentary, "Tiger King" and they nailed it!

"we decided to dress up tonight," Sophia captioned her post.

"TIGER KING: Stallone Edition Me as Joe Exotic Jen as Carole Dad as Jeff Lowe Sistine as John Finlay Scarlet as Erik Cowie"

The Sly Jeff Lowe


Stallone went full Jeff Lowe and even completed the look with a bandana under his hat and lots of jewelry around his wrists. Lowe is kind of a sly character (depending on who you ask) so it's pretty perfect that an actor with the name Sly took on the role.

His wife, Jennifer shared the new family portraits and received some high praise from their famous friends. Lisa Rinna left 😭😭😭😭😭 emojis in the comments section of her post, while Kathy Hilton left some applause 👏👏👏👏😃😃❤️."

Sophie Exotic


Sly's eldest daughter, Sophie had the honor of playing the infamous Joe Exotic. She did her best to capture Joe's flamboyant style and personality as she styled her hair in a mullet and slapped a handlebar mustache on. No Exotic costume would be complete without Joe's numerous piercings, including the odd eyebrow piercing. She never stated if her piercings were real but let's hope they are fake for her sake.

'Hey All You Cool Cats And Kittens'


The role of Carole Baskin went to actress Jennifer Flavin who did not have any big cats to pose with but she did have a dog in a lion costume. She deep-dived into her role and even shared a video where she delivered Carole's famous line.

"Hey all you cool cats and kittens, it's Carole here with Big Cat Rescue," she said during her spot-on impersonation.

"Quarantine has made us go Tiger King!🦁🦁🦁#tigerking," she captioned her photo series.

Sistine As John Finley


Sistine slapped on some temporary tattoos (we think they are temporary) to transform into Joe Exotic's husband, John Finley. She wore a similar necklace and had two dangly earrings just like John. Sistine actually kept her shirt on which was not like Finley at all though. John apparently didn't value the importance of wearing a shirt for his sit down interviews with the documentary crew.

Scarlet As Erik Cowie


Last but not least, Scarlet dressed up as GW Zoo Manager, Erik Cowie. She gets mad props for fully nailing the look and body language of the stingy haired character. She may have inherited her father's acting ability because her slack-jawed look really sold the costume.

They really are one cool family... the Stallones, the real people from "Tiger King" seem nice but a little scary. Hopefully, Joe, Carole and the rest are big "Rocky" fans.

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