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Snoop Dogg Defends Reggie Bush About Paying College Athletes: 'He's Saying What's Real!'

By Jeff Mazzeo

Uncle Snoop Dogg understands what Reggie Bush means even if some sports reporters don't.

The rapper vehemently came to the defense of the former NFL star on Monday after Bush claimed ESPN misconstrued his quotes about how paying college athletes is "going to destroy some people."

Reggie, who had a fantastic career at USC before he eventually forfeited his 2005 Heisman Trophy as part of a scandal, did an interview with Playboy where he cautioned about the negative effects paying college players for their likeness could have but it seems like Snoop is the only one who grasped what he was saying.

Scroll down to hear Snoop's point.

'I'm Speaking For Reggie!'


"Reggie Bush didn't get no money, his parents go money, his father got money," Snoop exclaimed. "He was a little kid!"

"I'm speaking for Reggie!" he continued. "He's saying what's real!"

Snoop explained Bush's sentiment in words that were simple to understand.

"Y'all wanna give these kids money but don't want to give them no literacy," Unc said. "You gotta teach financial literacy if you're gonna give kids f---ing money for their likeness! Reggie's speaking the truth!"

"Reggie had to give his f---ing Heisman back because his father got money, not Reggie!"

Snoop And Reggie Make A Strong Point


"If you're gonna give kids money out of college you got to teach financial literacy," Snoop ended his argument. "Some players in the NFL and the NBA be f---ing their money off because they don't know no f---ing financial literacy."

While Mr. Dogg seemed to understand what he meant, Bush was very unhappy with the articles about his Playboy quotes.

"Dear @espn Please take this story down, I did not speak to you, I never gave you approval to write this story, this is not what I said nor the context I said it in, and your trying to use my name with this bogus headline for clickbait. Let’s not allow this to happen again..." Reggie tweeted.

Reggie's Quote


To be fair, ESPN or any other publication doesn't need permission to write about an interview the athlete gave but he has the right to be upset about it. Here is the quote that Bush claims the reporter misunderstood.

"Guidance is the one thing that young athletes coming through the college system miss on so much," Bush told Playboy. "I missed on it. They're about to start paying college athletes. This is something that has never been experienced before, and it's going to destroy some people if their foundation is not in the right place."

Sorry, we would love to link to the Playboy article but it's still a risque site and we are not trying to piss off Google.

Busted In 2010

Gettyimages | Icon Sports Wire

In 2010, the NCAA determined that Bush and his family accepted cash and gifts from sports agents while he was playing for USC. That is was a big no-no.

If they proposed compensation changes go through, then ideally a Reggie situation wouldn't happen because the temptation would be less.

Snoop explained it best: "What he did on the football field didn't have anything to do with the f---ing money, they should have paid him anyway!"


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