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Rapper Lil Pump Shows Off His Purse: 'Princess Pump'

By Jeff Mazzeo

Lil Pump was flexing hard with his fashion game on Saturday and he definitely secured the bag!

The "Gucci Gang" rapper shared a picture of himself flaunting his purse with his millions of fans on Instagram. Per usual, Pump accessorized in a big way with a blue Buzz Lightyear band-aid on his face that matched his braids, a white beanie, and a jeweled ESSKEETIT necklace.

"Princess pump 👑 Lil Pump 2 OTW," the rapper wrote in the caption of his post.

He was obviously teasing his fans with the pic and the fact that his new album is on the way. Silly Pump.

Pumped About Fashion


The rapper's new look gained mixed reviews from his nearly 18 million followers. One person that loved the pic was his good friend Diplo who dubbed him, "Pumpkin." The photo quickly racked up over 350,000 likes within the first 30 minutes of it's posting but not everyone was a fan.

"bruh," one confused fan wrote, while another asked, "is you coming out the closet[?]"

However, his pic got the attention of several female fans that made it clear the purse only made him more attractive.

"will you play with me tonight?)" a rambunctious fan asked. "Marry me," another commented.

Gender Bending Fun


Lil Pump, real name Gazzy Garcia, surprised fans when he shared a selfie wearing a pink sports bra in February but he said it belonged to a random girl.

"Some random thot left her bra in my house come get it 😂😂😂," he captioned the pic at the time.

Paris Hilton, who is a big fan of the color pink, commented, "That’s hot 😹."

A follower was quick to point out that the "random thot" must of "left her phone case too 😂."

ESSKEETIT's Birthday Treat


After Pump was finished flaunting his fashion sense he took the time to make sure his pooch, ESSKEETIT had a special treat on his birthday.

"Yo, it's ESSKEETIT's birthday today, everybody go say happy birthday to ESSKEETIT!!!!" he excitedly yelled as he gave a bone-shaped treat to his dog. "MY DOG'S NETWORTH IS $3 MILLION, STOP PLAYING WITH HIM!"

The cute dog looked a little scared when the rapper got excited but he seemed happy to get the personalized treat.

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