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Rapper Lil' Pump Shows Off His New $400,000 Rolls Royce Truck -- See The Stunning Photos!!

By Mike Walters

Rapper Lil' Pump is showing off his new $400,000 Rolls Royce truck, and he is claiming he paid CASH for the entire thing!!

The 'Gucci Gang' rapper posted photos of his new ride and says he has the 'pink slip' of the vehicle, in other words, he paid the entire amount of the car, upfront!

For the record, the Rolls Royce Cullinan is the most expensive and luxurious SUV on the market, and comes equipped with a V-12 engine and floats on an adjustable air suspension.

"The cabin is pure bliss, with supremely comfortable seats and generous passenger space," according to Car & Driver magazine.

Check Out The Photos!!

Check Out Photos Of Lil' Pump's New Ride!!


"Spent yo lifesaving on a whip 🎁 🎁Pink slip Lil b---h !! Love u," Pump captioned a montage of photos of his new whip.

"That's crazy dawggggg🔥💪," one fan posted after seeing the pictures. "He meant to say spent your life savings on a car," another said jokingly.

Interestingly, a few fans pointed out they haven't heard much from Lil' Pump lately and questioned if he actually has the money to make such a purchase.

"How tf does this guys still got money? Didn't he fall off or something?" a comment read.

Obviously not...

Are You Sitting On The $400K New CAR?!!


If it doesn't bother you Lil' Pump can spend that kind of money on a car, this might ...

What does the rapper do as soon as he purchases the vehicle? -- Sit on top of it and put his feet on the hood!!!

Lil' Pump is the second celebrity in the past few weeks who have purchased a Rolls Royce truck for themselves. As we reported, Rob Kardashian got himself a dark-colored SUV from Platinum Motorsports in Los Angeles.

Oh ya, and he was still holding a HUGE stack of cash AFTER he made the purchase.

Check This Out!

Lil' Pump Drops $30K On A Custom Gucci Bike!


The massive car purchase comes on the heels of the rapper dropping another huge load of cash on a vehicle.

According to reports, Lil' Pump recently bought himself a custom white bike wrapped in Gucci monogram prints on its seat cushions. The bike actually has Gucci bags stitched on each side!

The bike reportedly cost the rapper $30,000!

The best part, according to Page Six, Pump mentioned purchasing a $2.5 Million on his trip to buying the bike. "He was talking about coming back in to look at a $2.5 million submarine," a source told the outlet. "He seemed part joking, and part serious," said a source.

Kids these days!!

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