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Logan Paul Buys His Longtime Assistant A Brand New Car!! -- See The Photos

By Mike Walters

Logan Paul just did one of the most generous things a boss can do for one of their employees, the YouTube star bought his longtime assistant a brand new car!!

The Youtuber took to Instagram to share a photo of the new ride, along with a message to his assistant who he calls the "glue" being his entire organization.

Plus, it's not just any car, Logan dropped the cash on (her favorite car) a new 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee!

"You don’t know it, but this girl is the GLUE behind Team Maverick. after 2 years of assisting my tomfoolery, i finally bought @danilstrobel her favorite vehicle - a 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee (it should also be known that she’s letting me drive her old 2003 Jeep Cherokee off a cliff; the assisting never stops) 😈" Paul wrote on Instagram.

See Photos Of The New Ride!!


Paul showed off the purchase on Instagram, along with a photo of his assistant holding him on her back.

"We couldn’t take this pic seriously because ive never been on Dani's back because why the f*** would i be there. it’s weird to regularly be on your assistant’s back... i take employee harassment laws very seriously. anyways thank you for everything ." he wrote.

Logan ended his message to his assistant, "Dani, i love you! (in a platonic way)"

What an awesome boss!!

Logan Paul Runs Himself Over With A Car, And It Drags Him Down Street!!


Logan made headlines last month after the YouTuber ran himself over with a car, and let it drag him down the street -- just for some internet clout!

In the shocking video, Logan can be seen positioning himself directly in front of his Mercedes SUV as it rolls right towards his body. At the last second, he lays down flat and lets the car run right over the top of him.

Of course, that isn't enough of Logan Paul, so after the car rolls over his body, the influencer grabs onto a clip which is hanging from the back bumper of the vehicle and gets dragged down the street on his back!

See The Shocking Video!!


It should be noted, Logan is only wearing a workout windbreaker and shorts, he is NOT wearing any sort of protective gear or helmet.

"I know you’re at home but don’t try this at home," Paul captioned the crazy video.

Luckily, the Mercedes SUV is loaded up with big tires and sits higher off the ground than most cars. The point not try this at home!

Fans of the Youtuber are going nuts over the video, sending him messages like, "BRO YOUR CRAZYYYY," and "ARE YOU MAD OMG."

You have to see this video! In the end, Logan blew away his 17.5 Million Instagram followers by waving at the camera as he is being dragged by the SUV!

Here You Go!!

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