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Youtube Star Logan Paul RUNS Himself Over With A CAR -- See The Shocking Video!!

By Mike Walters

Logan Paul just ran himself over with a car, on purpose, just to capture some footage for his social media. The video is insane, and the Youtube star even lets the car DRAG him down the street!!

In the shocking video, Logan can be seen positioning himself to lay down right in front of a Mercedes SUV that is driving straight for him. At the last second, he lays down flat to let the car drive over him.

The SUV drives right over the top of him!! If he shifts inches to either side, he would have been flattened.

See The Shocking Video!


But, that isn't all! After the car rolls over his body, the Youtuber grabs onto a clip with is positioned on the back bumper of the car, and he allows the car to drag him down the street.

That's right...he gets dragged by an SUV on PURPOSE!!!

It should be noted, the guy is wearing normal workout type street clothes..including a windbreaker jacket. He is NOT in any safety gear or protective layers to help with the dragging.

"I know you’re at home but don’t try this at home," Paul captioned the video.

The SUV Misses Running Him Over By Inches!!


His message seems like a joke, the problem is going to be how many kids or other up and coming TikTok'ers are going to attempt something stupid and get themselves hurt.

To be clear, this SUV is lifted off of the ground and has big tires. So, he is right, DO NOT try this at home!!

Fans of the social media star are going nuts over the stunt, "BRO YOUR CRAZYYYY," one person said. "ARE YOU MAD OMG," another added.

Logan Paul Let's Car DRAG Him Down The Street!!


In the video, Logan Paul shocked his 17.5 Million Instagram followers by waving at the camera as he is being dragged away!

Most viewers agree with this person, "Who in there right mind goes oh let me try this today looks like great fun 😭😭😭😭" The answer: Logan Paul.

"Bruh what, be careful," one concerned fan wrote.

It's unclear if Paul sustained any injuries from the stunt, but it appears he is unscathed after getting up from the street. Again, don't try this at home!

Check out this CRAZY Video!

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