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Kodak Black Still FLIRTING W/ Zendaya From Prison -- Releases Balloons For Her 24th Birthday!!

By Mike Walters

Kodak Black is not giving up his shot at dating Zendaya, and he isn't letting a little thing like being behind bars from stopping him from celebrating her birthday, so he had someone release balloons in her honor!!

That's right, the 'Wake Up In The Sky' rapper had someone round up 24 black balloons and release them on video, to show his love for the 'Euphoria' actress.

As you know, Kodak has been shooting his shot from prison for months now, and it doesn't look like he is giving up just yet!!

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Kodak Black Has 24 Balloons Released To Celebrate Zendaya's Birthday!


Kodak's official Instagram account posted a video of 24 balloons being released into the air, in honor of Zendaya's 24th birthday!!

The best part, as you know, Kodak is still serving a multi-year sentence in federal prison. The closet he will get to the actress for a while is watching her in 'Euphoria.'

"Happy Birthday 🎈🎊 @zendaya #24," Kodak's team captioned the video. In the clip, the set of balloons is released and shows it floating into the air.

Shade Room, who posted the video, wrote, "#KodakBlack isn’t letting a lil’ prison stint stop him from shooting his shot at #Zendaya. He had someone release some balloons for her on her birthday! 👏🏽"

Kodak Black Shoots His Shot From Prison!


Kodak Black's fans love his online devotion to Zendaya and are lighting up his IG page with comments.

"My guys locked up and still shooting his shot," one fan wrote.

"Yak shooting his shot even behind bars," another added.

"He has better internet access than me! How is this possible from the inside? Lol" one person even wrote. But, obviously, he has a little help from the outside!

"He watched Euphoria and fell in love," one fan wrote. Ya, join the club on that one.

This isn't the first time Kodak has confessed his love to the actress...

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See The Touching Video?!


In February, Kodak Black blew up Twitter after publishing a Valentine's Day poem for Zendaya from behind bars.

“Zoolin in an ice box, frozen in time. But mentally, you’re my Valentine. Hope I made you smile with this poem. I’m thinking ‘bout you all the way home," his letter read.

The rapper ended his poem with a message to Zendaya's co-star in Spiderman: Far From Home, Tom Holland, who she was previously romantically linked to in the media.

"Don't make me beat up Spider-Man."

Keep Tryin' Kodak!

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