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Kodak Black Describes Upbringing in 'Low Income' Neighborhood to Push for Custody Release

By TheBlast Staff

Kodak Black is trying to paint a different picture of his life than federal prosecutors have laid out, and is hoping the judge in his case understands he's just an innocent product of his environment.

Kodak's legal team submitted documents, obtained by The Blast, arguing why they want the judge to allow him to post a $500,000 bond and be released from custody after his arrest during the Rolling Loud Music Festival.

According to the documents, Kodak says explains, "Born on June 11, 1997, the boy who would become Kodak grew up in Golden Acres, a small, barracks like cluster of public housing originally built in the late 1940s to house farm workers."

He says the community he grew up in, "spans just over 80 acres and over 170 units," and just like other "low income housing tracts," had major issues with crime and drugs.

The controversial hip-hop star claims, "People in his old neighborhood talk about a quiet little boy walking around with a notepad, constantly writing rhymes," which is a stark contrast from the way people have viewed Kodak lately.

As we reported, prosecutors are trying to portray the rapper as a danger to society, and also bringing up the fact he has an open criminal case in South Carolina for alleged sexual assault.

Along with claiming he's just a young boy trying to make it in the rap world, Kodak also proposes a plan to keep him under constant supervision to make sure he attends his court hearings and stays out of trouble.

Finally, Kodak argues that, in regards to his drug use, he has a valid license to use cannabis and has never felt he is in violation of using "illlegal drugs" while in compliance with his doctor's recommendation.

As for illegal drugs, the documents have an endorsement from Kodak's mother, Mrs. Octave, who says she "has never witnessed her son use illegal drugs."

The judge has not ruled on Kodak's request, but how could he possibly ignore the man's mama?

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