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Kodak Black Asks Fans To Write And Send Pictures To Him While He's In Prison

Gettyimages | Scott Dudelson
By Mike Walters

Rapper Kodak Black is asking fans to write him while he is locked up in federal prison, and he is hoping to get a few pictures too!

The 'Wake Up In The Sky' posted the latest picture of himself from behind bars on Instagram, and included a message asking his fans to reach out to him to be pen pals!

He is serious. In the photo, the rapper included the specific penitentiary he is locked up in and his inmate number which will ensure the letters get specifically to him.

See Information Below To Write Kodak Black Behind Bars!

"Y’all Strike @ Me But Make Sho Y’all Don’t Write On The Back Of The Page, Only The Front Side & No More Than 5 Sheets. Shoot A Ni*** Some Pics Too!" the rapper captioned the photo.

Now, before you go the place where most of our minds went after reading this...most prisons will not allow x-rated materiel to pass through the mail. So, if you were thinking about shooting your shot, be careful with what you send.

A few fans said they would be sending their shots anyways, with one person writing, "!’m finna shoot my shot😘 write me back bae - Free Kodak 🌀"

New Photo Of Kodak Behind Bars...


Another asked, "Dudes too? Because I'll write kodak. Hes the f***ing man. USA did him dirty,"

To be clear, anyone can write the rapper, and if you use the information he provided the letters WILL get to him at some point.

As we reported, Kodak was sentenced to almost 4 years in federal prison on weapons charges. The rapper accepted a plea deal for the time after he was facing up to 10 years behind bars in the case.

Kodak Black Sentenced To Almost 4 Years In Federal Prison


At the time, Kodak (real name: Bill Kapri) admitted lying on a background check form while buying multiple firearms. Police claim the weapons were later found at crime sciences, where they say in one case the gun had been used to fire at a 'rival rap artist.'

Kodak Black apologized in court, at the time, and told the judge, “I do take full responsibility for my mishap."

Fans are pumped to be able to write the rapper, and are sending him positive messages on Instagram, including, "Can’t wait to see you free."

A few people had this reaction, "OMG IM WRITING TO YOU RN!"

Get to It!

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