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Former NFL Star Keyshawn Johnson Sued for Allegedly Stiffing His Lawyers

By TheBlast Staff

Keyshawn Johnson's former lawyers claim they did everything he asked of them but he still left them with a massive legal, so now they are suing.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, David M. Bass & Associates claim they were first hired by Johnson in 2002 and worked with him until March 2018.

They claim they represented the former NFL star in several business and real estate disputes during that time.

The company says they represented Johnson in 2015 in a lawsuit filed against him for allegedly breaching the lease on his home. They claim they defended him as instructed and even filed a counter-suit.

But the company says Johnson asked them to defer their payment until after the case was settled. They claim to have reached a settlement on Johnson's behalf before the case went to trial.

The law firm says they also represented Johnson in a separate claim against his real estate agent, securing a $10,000 settlement.

They claim Johnson has a $317,918 tab that has gone unpaid.

The company is suing for breach contract and they are seeking the money they are owed, plus interest and attorneys' fees.

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