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A-Rod Trolled By Baseball Buddies For Not Being Able To Keep Up With J Lo

By Mike Walters

Alex Rodriguez appeared alongside his fiance Jennifer Lopez where she is rehearsing for her Superbowl performance, but the best part of the video isn't how hot JLo is dancing, its the baseball players in the comments trolling Arod.

Arod posted the video on his Instagram, which appears to be on the set of JLo's rehearsals for the Superbowl. In the video, JLo is dancing to a 90's song and moving her hips like only she can! But, besides the video being smoking hot, the comment section is on fire too!

See The Video...


Reacting to the video, one of Arod baseball friends pointed out how there is no way he could handle JLo. In a priceless response, retired MLB player Shane Victorino said about the video, "No chance you can keep up with that💭 #HappyHolidays to you & yours."

To be honest, the former Yankees slugger did post a picture of himself earlier in the week at rehearsals walking with a cane.

“This is how I feel about Christmas shopping ❤️ . Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 💚,” Rodriguez captioned the video.

Fans Love Video Of JLo Dancing!


Fans loved the video, "Now that’s a money dance!" one person said. Another added, "I wanted the video to be longer!!!!"

As for Arod, a few fans made the point, "I can imagine Alex saying dance for me baby. Can't help but love them both." Everyone does!

He also posted a cute video of a bunch of kid performers who look like they are preparing to perform with Lopez for the big game. Arod can be seen in the video asking all of them if they are ready for ice cream."

Do You Think He Can Handle It?


“All they wanted was a little ice cream 🍦❤️ #superbowlrehearsals,” Rodriguez captioned the post. “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?” he said.

Let's be honest, not very many people can "handle" how hot JLo is...

The "Baila Conmigo" singer is currently preparing for the Feb. 2 performance at the Super Bowl halftime show with Shakira.

Prepping For The Super Bowl


"I don't have that much time," JLo told Entertainment Tonight, “We’re starting...For me, I'm obviously going to try to put together the best show that I can, but it's also about having fun.

She continued, "Just being up there, staying present in the moment and enjoying all of the wonderful things that are happening. We still have to develop it a little bit more."

Best JLo Movie? Do You Agree With Her?


During this Holiday season families everywhere sit around and watch their favorite classic movies. This week, JLo posted some of her favorite monster hit you agree with her picks?

"#TBT to some of my favorite movies I’ve been in. 🖤 It’s amazing to think about the incredible people I’ve had the opportunity to work with! ✨✨ #Selena #MaidInManhattan #UTurn #BloodAndWine #ShallWeDance #OutOfSight" the singer posted on Instagram.

To be honest, we are big Selena fans! What about you? Take a look at scenes from JLo's picks.

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