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Dr. Pimple Popper -- Huge Whitehead Gushes Out 'Egg Salad' Looking Liquid

By Mike Walters

Dr. Pimple Popper decided to let her patient give a few shout outs while under the knife, but while he is giving props to a few people a yellow/white substance comes gushing out of his face!

"Who would you shoutout if you had the chance?" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the pop video.

We are not sure...but what we do know is there is a ton of liquid inside one zit on this person's face.

Check it actually takes two pops to get the whole thing out!

Egg Salad Time!


In most cases, fans of the show point out what kind of food they think the insides of a pop look like. But, in this case, it's the good doctor who drops the comparison.

"It looks like egg salad," Dr. Sandra Lee says in the video.

Fans responded describing the liquid that comes pouring out of this one. "This is the most messed nasty stuff I’ve seen all day I have not a clue how u do this for a living," one fan said.

'Homemade mashed taters!!" a fan said about the substance.

Another said, "So I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that I just finished my mashed potatoes upon watching this clip."

Watch the video...and make sure you stay for the second squeeze!

Biggest Blackhead Ever...


Dr. Pimple Popper is forced to pop a monster blackhead that appears like it has been growing for years.

Dr. Sandra Lee if forced to remove this bad boy with tweezers because it is so big.

The good doctor posted this during the Thanksgiving holiday and said "Do YOU know what you’re wearing to the living room yet?! Here’s a pop you can watch while you figure it out!"

It is a banger!

Watch It Get Dragged Out By Tweezers...


A debate sparked after the video was posted on whether or not tweezers were the best way to attack this massive blackhead.

One fan posted, "Clean and clear...Sometimes, i wish you just use this kind of method to pull out some obvious blackheads instead of that pimple popper thing that has holes.... for small one is okay to use, bug for big one, please use pincers... its more satisfying."

Next, the obvious question must be answered, how does a blackhead get this big?

"I don’t understand how people live so long with these!?" a popaholic asked.

We don't know, but what we do know is this thing is a monster. Check out the doctor pop this baby!!

Two-For-One Massive Pop!


This massive zite is not your normal looking whitehead. In this case, it actually takes a few attempts before it fires out.

Dr. Pimple Popper is forced has to slice into this thing and then squeeze it hard before she can get to it.

"Start your day off with a smile and a little popping!" Dr. Sandra Lee captioned the video.

Fans love when something pops and fires across the room like this one.

A fan of the show pointed out how painful this must have been..."I expect it would feel sore or extremely painful when a cyst is forming, especially on your face, right?" a fan pointed out.

The best part, this is a two for one deal.

Check out the video!

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