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Corey Feldman Sues WE tv, Claims He Was Held 'Hostage' On Set Of ‘Marriage Boot Camp'

By Mike Walters

Corey Feldman is suing the production company and executives behind 'Marriage Boot Camp' claiming he was held 'hostage' while filming the show causing 'severe emotional trauma' -- and claims they exploited his being a victim of sexual violence for tv ratings.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, the 'Goonies' star is suing WE tv, and Think Factory Media, claiming that after agreeing to be on the reality show, the companies "falsified information to the public" and discredited him as a "liar" in the broadcast.

In the lawsuit, Feldman points out that he is an advocate against child abuse and pedophilia, and has been "heavily involved in helping abolish the statute of limitations laws regarding sexual harassment and sexual abuse in both New York and California."

Plus, is now an "ACTIVE advocate for his childhood best friend, the late actor Corey Haim and other children who have been sexually abused in the industry."

In the filing, Corey claims the show with "full knowledge of the importance and the nature of Mr. Feldman's lifetime work... not only perpetrated fraud by inducing Mr. Feldman with false promises," but claims they, "falsified information to the public, they discredited Mr. Feldman as a liar on their show "Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition."

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Corey Feldman Says He Was Held 'Hostage' On The Set Of 'Marriage Boot Camp'


Shockingly, he alleges while filming the show, producers "held him and his family hostage under duress in a location unknown to them, causing severe emotional trauma."

As you know, Corey was featured in 2019 on 'Marriage Boot Camp' alongside other celebrities including Aaron Carter.

"The show was initially "sold" to Mr. Feldman on the premises of being able, through guidance from licensed medical professionals, to help heal the tumultuous relationship Mr. Feldman had with his brother Eden over the years. Instead, of healing this brotherly relationship the (show) instead created questions and exercises that would focus and would reveal past sexual assaults on the celebrities and how such sexual trauma affected them and their lives," Corey claims in his lawsuit.

The actor claims the show also brought in medical professionals to give a 'false sense of security."

Feldman Alleges Show 'Glamorized Abuse By Making Light Of It'


During the filming, Feldman claims the company, "produced what is known as "reality" childhood emotional trauma porn for their audiences, capitalizing the patent's difficulty dealing with challenges and underlining the suffering by offering no palatable option for healing or even having a safety net ready for when they fall."

In the documents, Corey says the producers, "Intentionally included and uprooted emotional trauma from the childhoods of their 'celebrity participants,' almost glamorizing the abuse by making light of it, and forcing the trauma survivor to forcibly discuss life-altering traumatic episodes for the mere purpose of sensationalization and ratings."

The 'Stand By Me' star also described the use of the "most traumatic moments" which he says were repeated over and over for commercial breaks, specifically pointing to the words "rape" and "sexual abuse."

'Goonies' Star Says Show Caused 'Distress' To His Wife & Brother


"The harm caused by the Defendants' breaches, fraud, and false promises have caused severe emotional trauma to Mr. Feldman. Such conduct has caused Mr. Feldman ongoing feelings of helplessness and suffering, which were reignited after decades of lying dormant due to successful therapy," the lawsuit states.

Additionally, Corey says the entire experience "has caused distress to the entire Feldman family. Mr. Feldman's brother and wife came on the Show at his request in reliance on the assurances given to Mr. Feldman by the Defendants to their detriment."

In the filing, the actor points out that highlights from his season of the show are still being promoted online including scenes with him and Aaron Carter. He claims the videos, "continue to negatively impact Mr. Feldman's reputation, credibility and causing him emotional anguish."

Actor Claims Show Knowingly Put Him In "Mental Anguish And Physical Danger"


In the end, he is suing the production company, network, and several of the doctors on set for damages he claims to have suffered during the show.

He claims they, "Knowingly put (Corey) in mental anguish and physical danger, treating and portraying (him) as a joke and a liar, through public victimization and discrediting him throughout the world not only causing severe emotional harm to him but also putting Mr. Feldman in disrepute, greatly diminishing his earning potential as both an actor and a musician and causing further destruction of his life's work and his documentary."

The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles County Courts. We've reached out to WE tv, so far no comment.

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