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Chrissy Teigen Describes Scary Moment As Doctors 'Scramble' To Find Baby's Heartbeat!

By Mike Walters

Chrissy Teigen is breathing a sigh of relief after having a very 'scary morning' in the hospital after doctors scrambled to find her baby boy's heartbeat.

The supermodel and TV host, who is currently pregnant with child number 3, has spent the last few days hospitalized with severe bleeding. Teigen has kept fans in the loop over social media on how she and the baby are doing, and today was a very scary moment.

Chrissy offered up an update from Twitter today, and it sounds so far as the scariest moment in her hospitalization yet.

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'The Scramble To Hear The Heartbeat Seemed Like Hours'


″Just had a really scary morning,″ she wrote.

She continued, ″Huge clot, almost save-worthy. The scramble to hear the heartbeat seemed like hours. I never thought I'd relief sigh so much in my liiiiife.″

As we reported, Chrissy is currently experiencing excessive bleeding from her placenta, and doctors have put her on extended bed rest to try and stop it.

The cookbook author told fans she also recieved two emergency blood transfusions to help treat the massive bleeding, and she posted a picture of a pamphlet explaining the situation.

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Chrissy Teigen Receiving Blood Transfusions Due To Excessive Bleeding


″About to have my second blood transfusion which truly truly truly sounds more dramatic than it is," Chrissy told her followers.

She continued, ″It's an IV, but instead of fluids, the blood of some kind human being out there. Baby and I are completely fine, just missing the little things like with the other buttbutts."

In her recent message, Chrissy explained she had recieved the blood transfusions and made the point to promote giving blood to help save lives. ″I got some blood from somebody, so if you donate blood, it goes to actual people. People that might be me," she said.

Supermodel Hospitalized After Bleeding From Her Placenta During Pregnancy


As we reported, Chrissy was initially put on bed rest at home, but after experiencing more bleeding -- made the decision to go to the hospital.

Teigen described the bleeding as turning on a water faucet and low and leaving it on.

At this point, the soon-to-be mother of three is about halfway through her pregnancy and it appears she will continue to be monitored and on bed rest for the remaining several months.

Chrissy's husband, John Legend, has been by her side in the hospital and she continues to update fans and the public over social media of the ongoing issues.

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