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Bella Thorne Stuns In The Sun With Blue Bikini Boomerang While Flaunting Long Legs

By Jeff Mazzeo

Bella Thorne is feeling blue... at least when it comes to her bikini top!

The 22-year-old actress shared several sultry boomerangs from the comfort of her backyard on Tuesday. Bella flaunted her fresh face and beautiful long legs as she soaked up the sun. Los Angeles has experienced unusually cold weather and lots of rain recently so the former Disney star felt the need to take full advantage of the sunny day. In addition to her sunny stunning boomerangs, she posted some beautiful glamor shots where she posed in a tight hip-hugging jeans and a long sleeve crop top sweater. The theme of this post was blue as well and her chic outfit matched her hair.

"A blue love story 🌪," Bella captioned her photos as she teased fans by feigning to remove her top.

Back And Forth


Bella's Italian pop star boyfriend is still stuck in Italy but he made sure to flex on her fans by claiming her in the comments.

"MINE," Benjamin Mascolo wrote before Thorne quickly responded, "@b3nm yes daddy urs."

With over 22 million followers, there are a lot of eyes on the actress and one specific follower put pressure on her beau even though he's currently thousands of miles away.

"betta put a ring on it before I do lol," a fan joked but we are pretty sure he was being serious despite the "lol."

Bella's Backyard


Thorne, who was in need of some vitamin D, decided to let the sun rays hit her fantastic legs as she chilled. It's hard to see past the gorgeous gams but Bella's backyard looks pretty sweet! Her yard is still very well-kempt and her dogs have plenty of room to frolic in the grass while mommy relaxes. Her living room features a large sliding glass door that allows for tons of natural light and she has a nice built-in BBQ.

Stuck At Home? Let's Dance!


The star has been feeling herself lately and busted out a pretty cool spontaneous dance on her story. Once again, she almost gave the fans a treat by suddenly ripping her top off but she stopped at the last moment and cheekily waved her finger in a "no, no, no" gesture. We are not sure what that dance move is called but we like it! Of course, she is always respectful of Instagrams guidelines and is careful not to anger the IG gods.

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