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This Anna Nicole Smith Look Alike Wants A Threesome With The ‘Botched’ Doctors

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By Jeff Mazzeo

On Monday's episode of ”Botched," a woman that grew up in the 90s and idolized the late Anna Nicole Smith said that she was interested in a Ménage à trois with Doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow.

The potential patient goes by the name of Sammi Sprinkles and she has had numerous surgeries in the past. However, her quest to find a wealthy husband so she can become a trophy wife is not yet complete. Sprinkles explained that she chose that name because there are two types of people in this world, those who like sprinkles on their ice cream and those who do not. The patient told Dr. Dubrow that she does not associate with those who do not like the tiny, colorful topping.

Sammi told the "Botched" cameras that she always wanted to look like Anna Nicole Smith and to look as "fake" as possible but she said that butts are in fashion in 2019 so she wants to make hers bigger.

She Wants Both Doctors

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During one of her confessionals, Sprinkles admitted that it was hard to pay attention to the doctors.

" Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif are so sexy, it was really hard to concentrate on what they were saying cause all I was thinking about was how they'd make the perfect threesome with Sprinkles on top," Sammi said.

The patient came to the sad conclusion that it just would not work out because both surgeons have significant others. The reason she is even meeting the doctors is because she thinks the trick to finding a husband is a bigger butt.

Dr. Dubrow found that theory fascinating and marveled at the fact he is constantly learning on the job.

"I had no idea that the key to finding a husband was to get a bigger butt," the doctor told the camera. "Things that make you go, 'hmmm.'"

Her Past Surgeries

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Sprinkles detailed all her prior surgeries to the doctors during her consultation. If you did not guess already, she has had several facial procedures and breast implants. Dubrow questioned if she had a lift as well and Sammi revealed that she is not 100% natural.

"I have an internal bra," she admitted causing the doctor to ask, "Made of what?" Sammi replied that she had "a mesh" put in for support.

"I have some really cool solid butt implants," Sprinkles continued.

Dubrow Says Leave It Alone

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After examining the potential patient, Dr. Dubrow broke the news to Sammi that he would not perform the Brazilian Butt Lift she wanted and she may have to live with her current backside, which is already considerable. He said the procedure would not be successful because he would have to inject fat in-between the implant and her skin and the fat would not stay alive. He also gave her a stern warning about the risks of continuing to have major procedures done.

"If you continue on the plastic surgery train the way you are now, the next station is a disaster," Dr. Dubrow said. "Leave it alone. Eh?"

Sammi Sprinkles was very appreciative of her time with the doctors but it was unclear if she would head the advice.

"Ok. we'll see," she responded.

Dr. Dubrow has been turning down a lot of butt operations but better safe than sorry.

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