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Aaron Rodgers 'Loves' His Family But Wants To Stay Away According To Source

By Jeff Mazzeo

Aaron Rodgers has no hard feelings toward his family... as long as they stay the hell away from him.

Reports circulated that the Green Bay Packers Quarterback's family were extremely upset with his recent comments about religion but a source told PEOPLE that he actually "loves" his family and he wants what's best for them.

“He loves them very much, and he wants nothing but good things for them all,” the source told PEOPLE. “The fact that he doesn’t talk to them doesn’t mean that he hates them. They just have a very problematic relationship that sometimes can be toxic. For the good of everyone, there’s some distance there.”

“If they needed him, if anything went wrong or if there were an emergency, he’d be the first one to help them,” the source continued. “He loves them.”

His Family Upset Over Religion Comments

YouTube/Danica Patrick

Rodgers filmed his intimate talk about religion for Patrick's podcast back in late December 2019. Danica shared a short clip of their lengthy discussion on her YouTube page where Aaron talked about not connecting with his Christian upbringing.

“Most people that I knew, church was just… you just had to go,” Aaron explained.

“I don’t know how you can believe in a God who wants to condemn most of the planet to a fiery hell,” he said. “What type of loving, sensitive, omnipresent, omnipotent being wants to condemn his beautiful creation to a fiery hell at the end of all this?”

Many devout Christians were shocked by his controversial statements about God, specifically his family, a source told PEOPLE.

“They were dismayed,” PEOPLE's source said. “The family is very dedicated to their Christian faith.”

The source continued, “To them, his comments are basically a slap in the face to the fundamentals of who they are. It’s basically him turning his back on everything they have taught him.”

Longtime Family Feud


Rodgers feud with his family and his "Bachelorette" star brother, Jordan Rodgers has been going on for years but PEOPLE's source conveyed that his comments only furthered the divide between them. Aaron has never publicly spoken about the family rift but religion is allegedly a big part of it.

“The feeling is that Aaron has really turned his back on them,” the source claimed. “There’s clearly a lot more to it, but that’s how he is perceived by his family.”

“They have these times where things start to thaw out, but then something like this happens, and then it’s back to square one. It’s sad.”

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