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McKayla Maroney dazzles in red turtleneck

Gymnast McKayla Maroney Flips To New Heights In Minuscule Leotard

By Whitney Vasquez

Talk about a throwback! Gymnast McKayla Maroney reminisced about the good ole days when she dropped a TBT video showing the day she made the Olympic team. Taking to her social media, the 25-year-old brunette bombshell made everyone dizzy when she flipped around in nothing but a minuscule leotard.

Dropping the breathtaking clip without warning, McKayla Maroney showed off her talents on the mat that landed her in the 2012 Olympics and eventually gained her a spot as a "Final Five" team member.

Flexing Her Skills

McKayla Maroney taking a hike

McKayla Maroney, who is also famous for her "not impressed" face during the London Olympics, flexed her killer flipping skills on Thursday, February 18. Wearing her blue metallic leotard with pride, the star proved her long legs were mighty despite her tiny 5'4" frame.

Exuding power and radiating confidence, McKayla Maroney performed crazy flips and tucks with what looked like ease. Posting the video, the gymnast remembered how much pressure she was feeling that night knowing her spot on the Olympics team was riding on this mat performance. Scroll to watch McKayla flipping like crazy!

Feeling The Pressure

McKayla Maroney in her bikini

Sharing the video with her fans, McKayla Maroney said she can still feel the anxiety she experienced that night. "Watching it back makes me relive all those exact emotions, nervousness, and pressure that I felt that night," she wrote. "It was such an important night, even with the bad concussion 10 days prior, I felt ready."

The gymnast, who wouldn't let anything stop her from achieving Olympic success, added that she also "felt LOVED and supported by my friends, family, teammates, and coaches." Keep scrolling to see!

Watch The Performance That Landed Her In The Olympics


Using their confidence, McKayla Maroney mustered up the strength to perform at her best. "They really believed in me, and wanted me to make it!" she added. "I felt it so strong that night. All their prayers gave me strength. That was the night I made the Olympic team."

McKayla Maroney retired in 2016 and has created quite the social media following. While she may not be a professional gymnast anymore, she's giving lessons on TikTok and has suffered an on-camera wardrobe malfunction in the process. When she's not flipping around, McKayla Maroney is dropping endless thirst traps like her Valentine's Day post that broke a lot of hearts!

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