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McKayla Maroney close up

Gymnast McKayla Maroney Defies Gravity Mid-Air Without Pants

By Rebecca Cukier

Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney is pantless and flipping so high and so fast, her 1.3 million Instagram followers can barely keep up. The 25-year-old vault queen, best known for her "unimpressed" face at the London 2012 Olympics, today made sure 100% of her audience was impressed, taking to social media with a rare revisit of her glittering career and its highest moment. McKayla was posting from the Olympic trials, and the video more than showed just why this sport is cut-throat. Check it out below.

Slipping Out Her Little Dresses


Scroll for the video. It comes as McKayla makes major headlines for her super-sexy little red Valentine's Day dress, one she wore with thigh-high boots, although, as The Blast reported, the gymnast wound up sparking X-rated comments.

Sticking to gymnastics and very much sticking to the sport's wardrobe, McKayla posted a floor routine, one showing her flipping her entire body with meticulous skill while high up in the air and leggy in a shiny blue leotard. "It was her night," the California native began.

See The Video!

McKayla Maroney in bikini

McKayla took a moment to address her followers as she shared the mind-blowing footage, with her re-post adding: "1 Olympic trials for me, post crazy fall, concussion and broken nose, and indescribable stress of the times @mckaylamaroney."

"Congrats on the 55 most artistic gymnast feature," it continued.

McKayla made headlines for a broken nose and concussion back in June 2012 after hitting her head on the floor during a warm-up tumbling run. She was just 16 at the time. See the video below!

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If you're wondering what the stunner is up to now, well, she's blowing minds on TikTok and delivering frozen peas and bread workouts. McKayla has also been back in the gym for real, complete with a COVID-safe mask, this month admitting she'd missed cable resistance training as she showed off buns of steel while in camo-print spandex.

Motivation, which served Maroney well during her career, continues via her wellness-centric IG, one that recently saw the gymnast set 2021 goals. See her sunny bikini below!

Motivation Queen

McKayla Maroney in bikini

McKayla, who stunned in an early morning selfie and even showed off her pumpkin breakfast waffles, took to IG recently to eye up a new year. "Good morning," the beauty wrote, adding:

"Sometimes as we get older we can accidentally adopt a more “practical” mindset... I know I did. Maybe we’ve been knocked down a few times, gotten our heartbroken, made some mistakes we regret, or just plain old wasted our time."

If gymnast Simone Biles sounds familiar, scroll for her removing her chest piercing in a bikini!

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