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Paris Hilton Debunks Rumors She Wore A 'Stop Being Poor' T-Shirt!

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By Mike Walters

Paris Hilton is debunking a nasty rumor and photographs that appear to show the famous heiress sporting a t-shirt that reads...'Stop Being Poor.' Well, it's not what you think!

The Hilton Hotel heiress took to Instagram Monday, sharing a video she created which features her in front of the photograph which allegedly has the brutal message.

In the clip, Paris explains that the image has been "photoshopped" and she has never worn anything of the sort. But, she wasn't done there -- Hilton actually shares the original image, which clearly shows it was internet trickery!

Take A Look!

See The 'Photoshopped' Picture...


"So there's this photo online of me. I'm sure you've seen it," Paris said in a TikTok Video.

She continued, "I never wore that shirt. This was completely Photoshopped. Everyone thinks it's real."

At this point, Paris Hilton tells her millions of followers, "This is what it really said," revealing several photos of herself partying at sister Nicky Hilton's clothing line launch in Las Vegas -- with a shirt saying, "Stop Being Desperate."

In the image, it's clear, the image which is making its way around the internet is in fact...fake.

Here It Is!

Here's The Original Photo!


"Don't believe everything you read," Paris concluded after proving her point!

A few fans joked in the comment section, with one person saying, "As a poor person I kinda dig the photoshopped one tbh," another added, "Excuse me I was quoting this the past ten years… and I was poor.. and it wasn't even REAL????"

Recently, Paris reminisced on her past on her 'This Is Paris' podcast reflecting on harsh comments made about her by people including Sarah Silverman. The comedian offered an apology for joking about Paris during the 2007 MTV VMA's.

"I really just appreciate it so much, and I'm glad that her comedy has grown, and she realizes that it's not nice to make fun of people," Paris said.

See The Video!

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