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Are Meghan & Harry's Apologies Too Little Too Late?

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By Mario Perez

The Royal Family continues their feud over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's very public rift. Now Royal experts are claiming that both Prince William and Prince Charles want to make sure that Harry and Meghan don't return to the family.

In the recent return that Harry made to the UK, there were actually signs of hope that the relationship could be repaired. Particularly, when Harry and William were seen talking after the funeral. Prince Charles, though, doesn't seem to have forgiven his youngest son. That ultimately could lead to a permanent separation.

The Positive Signs

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Before we get to the bad news, let's go over some of the positive news. Of course, what made headlines was the pictures and video of William and Harry speaking after the funeral and having a laugh.

There are also reports that both Harry and Meghan sent their good wishes to Kate and William on their tenth wedding anniversary. If you just want to look at these facts it would seem like we could be seeing the fab 4 reunited at some point. Sadly, there are two sides to every story.

Are Charles and William Fed Up With Harry?

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Russell Myers who is the Royal editor for "The Mirror", talked about Prince Harry's relationship with his brother and father in a recent interview. The royal expert seems to think that their wish is to dump Harry and Meghan and get a chance to move on. Myers claimed,

'There will be quite a lot of dissatisfaction in the camp and it remains to be seen whether they will ever be brought back in,'

He added that the welcome that Harry got from other members of the family was pretty cold in general. and that, "'He [Harry] went back to America with his tail between his legs"

The Interview Keeps Popping Up

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At first, it seemed that Prince Charles was looking to forget and forgive. To be able to move past the Oprah interview that certainly rocked the house of Windsor. There is just one big problem for Harry on that end. The interview keeps popping up!

Discovery+ released a documentary feature on the interview titled, "Harry and Meghan: Recollections May Vary". In the documentary, all sorts of different speech and body language experts dissect what was said. Since the interview continues to be something that's talked about on both sides of the Atlantic it's hard to forget about it and move on.

Diana's Birthday The Key Date

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Many people have wanted to draw comparisons between Harry's exit from the Royals with his mother's own rift with the family. Ironically it'll most likely be her birthday that will mark a new milestone in the relationship. Whether that will be a positive milestone remains to be seen.

At this point, both the Royals and Harry are on board to see him return to the UK for his mother's birthday. That will be marked by the unveiling of her statue. However, the birth of Harry and Meghan's daughter could alter his schedule. If he ultimately doesn't make the UK trip that can certainly cause controversy. Pretty much regardless of the circumstances.

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