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Kobe Bryant Rookie Jersey Set To Break Records At Auction

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By Mario Perez

In the past couple of days, Kobe Bryant memorabilia has been a hot topic of discussion amongst fans. Recently, Kobe's widow Vanessa Bryant decided that she was not going to renew the family's relationship with Nike. One of the core sponsors of Bryant during the latter half of his career and life.

In the wake of this, a game-worn jersey of his from his rookie season is currently up for auction at Goldin Auctions. The sale of the jersey is expected to break price records for items in its category.

The Babe Holds the Record

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The jersey would have to sell for over 5.64 million dollars to be able to break the record for an item of its class. Currently, the record is held by a Babe Ruth Yankees jersey from 1920 that sold at that price.

The current bid at the time of writing for the Kobe jersey is at 160,000 dollars. There is still a long way to go, though. The auction will remain open until 10 pm on May 22nd. The price of the Kobe jersey still has a long way to go.

Why Vanessa Ended The Nike Relationship

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Getting Kobe branded gear may have just gotten a bit more complicated. Kobe sneakers were very popular with current NBA players and fans alike. In fact in last year's "NBA bubble" more than 100 current NBA players were wearing Kobe sneakers.

However, recently Vanessa Bryant decided not to renew a contract with Nike that would allow the company to continue to make Kobe branded gear. Rumors indicate that Vanessa was not happy with the offer that was put on the table by Nike. She could be looking to shift the production of Kobe branded gear to a newly minted personal brand.

The Mambacita Brand

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To commemorate what would have been her daughter Gigi's 15th birthday Vanessa Bryant announced the release of the Mambacita collection. A line of clothes that mainly includes hoodies and pants. The brand is meant to honor the legacy of her late daughter.

As Vanessa mentioned in her statement when she decided to part ways with Nike, Kobe products sell out in seconds. This collection to honor their daughter was no different. NBA players, teams, and other sports organizations and celebrities really got behind the project.

We Can Still Expect More Kobe Items To Be Auction Off

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Other than the Rookie jersey that is currently up for auction it's estimated that Goldin Auction house alone owns about 300,000 dollars worth of Kobe gear. They presumably intend to put it up for auction at a later date. That price figure is a retail value for the items.

That just as the jersey will, could command much higher selling prices than their regular retail value. That's just speaking about one auction house. There's a good chance Kobe gear will continue to surface everywhere as it has in the wake of his death.

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