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Cher with her son, Chaz

5 Celebrity Moms Who've Opened Up On Raising LGBTQ Children

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By Rima Pundir

Many people across the world tend to look up to celebrities as idols and more than just rich and famous people. And when celebrities prove that they have a heart of gold and end up setting parenting goals, it's a win-win. 

A big parenting goal is how many celebrities have opened up and shared how they are raising their LGBTQ children, and it's an inspiration for many parents the world over. 

Like Cher and her transgender son Chaz, about whom she said, "I just love being a woman so much, but if I woke up tomorrow and I was a man I couldn’t function". And that's that!

Cybill Shepherd Raised Two LGBTQ Daughters

Cybill Shepherd has raised two LGBTQ daughters
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Actress and activist Cybill Shepherd has raised not one but two LGBTQ children and has done it well, despite having gone back to being a Christian. 

Her first is bisexual daughter Clementine who has gone ahead a married a man, before giving birth to her first child. Her second daughter Ariel also came out as a lesbian, and Cybill has been nothing but supportive of them both. She has also spoken in favor of marriage equality as well as same-sex parental rights. 

Sally Fields Is Proud Of Her Sexy Gay Son

Sally Field with son, Sam
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Sally Field, known for her acting as well as activism, ever since her son, Sam came out as gay.  As to that, Sally has always said, "so what?"

And she said more when she came on the Oprah Winfrey show, "It’s important to have a parent speak about raising a magnificent, proud, intelligent, funny, lovable, sexy gay son".

She also added that if Sam got married in his life, he would have her full support, because she has put enough sense in him to choose a good life partner, period. 

Barbra Streisand Educated Herself After Son Came Out Gay

Barbra with her son, Jason Gould
Instagram | Barbra Streisand

The union between Barbra Streisand and Elliot Gould was son Jason, an actor, and singer, who knew he was gay when he was but eight years old. But it was only when the tabloids outed him in the '90s that the world got to know about him, and ever since, Barbra has been a pillar of motherly support. 

It said that she educated herself about homosexuality, and even recorded a song with Jason, Irving Berlin's "How Deep Is the Ocean" for her 2014 duets album.

Angelina Jolie Is Raising An LGBTQ Icon

Angeline with Shiloh, Vivienne and Zahara
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Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is an LGBTQ icon of sorts, and the one thing that Angelina Jolie has always encourage her kids to do is to explore themselves and their boundaries with lots of courage. 

So Shiloh has done so and has been exploring gender since she was three, at one time telling her parents that she only wanted to be called John. For years, she's been a tomboy teen, and it's only now, that she seems to sport looks more attributive of the feminine gender. 

The exploration is far from over but Shiloh has a strong ally in her mum, Angelina.

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