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Britney Spears at an event

Britney Spears 'Has Dementia' According To Court Docs

By Rebecca Cukier

Britney Spears is possibly living under conservatorship because she's suffering from dementia, a documentary is claiming. Following the Feburary release of "Framing Britney Spears," a documentary that the 39-year-old pop princess said she was left "embarrassed" by, fans are set to get a 2.0 with "The Battle for Britney: Fans, Cash and a Conservatorship," with the new documentary seeing journalist Mobeen Azhar examine the Grammy winner's case and claims that she is not sound of mind. See the shocking details below.

Claims Of 'Dementia'

Britney Spears outdoors in crop top

Scroll for photos and Britney's tiny sandwich video. Britney, who is gearing up for a June court appearance as she continues to battle 68-year-old father Jamie Spears in her 2008-commenced conservatorship case, has been alleged to be suffering from dementia, something that Mobeen himself admitted he thought was shady, at first.

Mobeen obtained court documents claiming that the singer suffers from the degenerative condition, saying: "It sounded a bit out there. There are a couple of fan sites who said they have got hold of paperwork surrounding the conservatorship."

Are They Legit?

Mobeen added: “I’ve got no way of knowing if these are legit but this looks like it’s linked to the conservatorship."

“You have to tick a box justifying the reason and the box that is ticked, it says: ‘The order is related to dementia placement or treatment as specified’.”

Britney, who is bi-polar and has sparked mental health concerns from her 2000s break-downs to more recent ones via repetitive or bizarre Instagram posts, is largely considered to be doing much better and to be stable and happy. See her sandwich video below.

Happy And Healthy

Spears, fresh from getting her COVID vaccine and showing off her stunning bikini body as she vowed to get back into "shape," has also been speaking out to reassure fans that she's doing okay. In mid-April, the star updated in video mode, telling her 29.6 million Instagram followers: “Yes, I’m totally fine. I’m extremely happy, I have a beautiful home, beautiful children,” also adding that she was taking a "break" right now because she's "enjoying" herself.

As to how Britney is passing her time, well, she's making sandwiches.

Tiny Sandwich Thrills Fans

Britney Spears in glittery dress
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Shortly before the weekend, the hit-maker updated from her kitchen to re-create a NYC deli sandwich she'd fallen in love with 15 years ago. Fans saw Spears cutting up bread, nuts, goat's cheese, plus shredded chicken and turkey, even throwing in avocado and pear. Britney told her followers:

"I did it guys ...I recreated the meanest sandwich 🥪 known to mankind !!!! Now where’s my trophy 🏆 ???? PS I meant pecans not almonds !!!!"

The video has clocked over 4 million views. Scroll for her bubblegum bikini showoff in high heels below.

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