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'Big Brother' Star Elena Davies Hospitalized With 'Extreme' Pain

Ex On the Beach / MTV
By Gary Trock

Former "Big Brother" contestant, Elena Davies, is asking for prayers from fans as she has been hospitalized with excruciating pain in her shoulder and is hoping doctors can figure out what exactly is going on.

The 30-year-old reality star, who has also appeared on MTV's "Ex On the Beach," took to Instagram this week to bring fans up to date on her current medical situation, which involved a trip to the emergency room and an extended stay in the hospital.

Possible Nerve Damage?

Elena in hospital bed with bracelet on
Elena Davies / Instagram

The native-Texan hit up social media from her hospital bed while giving fans a rundown of what led her to seek emergency treatment.

"I woke up yesterday in severe, severeeee EXTREME pain," adding that it felt like, "never damage pain in my L shoulder radiating down to my fingers."

Elena explained that she's currently "Unable to sit, stand or walk for more than 5 minutes or so ... we went straight to the ER and was later released to get MRI imaging and to see a neurosurgeon."

Getting Support

Elena petting a dog in the hospital
Elena Davies / Instagram

Things got worse for Elena, who appeared in season 19 of the US version of "Big Brother," when she said the MRI was unable to be completed because, "I wasn't able to withstand the pain," so she ended up getting admitted back into the hospital for pain management treatment.

"I am in pretty unbearable pain and BEGGING for thoughts and prayers," Elena wrote.

She also shared a video of herself petting a support dog at the hospital and proclaiming, "we don't deserve dogs."


Elena wearing a neck brace
Elena Davies / Instagram

It has been a rough few months for Elena as she has been dealing with countless medical issues. Back in March, she revealed that an issue stemming from a breast reduction in 2016 caused the need for doctors to recently go in and try to repair damage and ended up needing to do more work than they first anticipated.

"They went in to repair the damage and re-do everything but discovered that my right breast was actually much, MUCHHHH worse than anticipated. They also uncovered a small issue with the left breast, too. BUT, homie did the damn thing and all is well again (or at least that’s what they told me)," Elena revealed.

Revealing a photo of herself also wearing a neck brace, the reality star explained, "the neck brace is... unrelated and looks way more dramatic than it is. I have a strained shoulder muscle and a pinched nerve so this just offers me support and relief."

Get well soon!

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