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Prince William & Kate Middleton Share Romantic Pics Ahead of 10-Year Wedding Anniversary

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By Mario Perez

It's hard to believe that we are coming up on being ten years removed from arguably THE royal wedding of this generation. Sorry, Meghan and Harry. Three kids and an insurmountable number of public appearances later, Prince William and Kate Middleton shared a few pictures that show they are still very much in love.

Just as the community manager for Kensington Palace likes it, we got two new pics of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge one day before their wedding anniversary. The couple looks stunning and in love. With quite a bit less hair on William's head being a major difference.

Twinning is Winning

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The couple decided to be pictured in matching blue outfits. In the picture where the couple is standing and cuddling you can catch of glimpse of Princess Diana's famous engagement ring. Certainly, the picture seems to be a huge nod to William's mother.

Interestingly enough William actually had to get permission from his brother Harry to be able to give that particular ring to Kate at their engagement back in 2010. As much as the picture is a nod to Diana it's also a sad reminder of better times between the brothers.

10 Years Ago: What We Remeber From That Day


A lot has happened with the couple in the last ten years, but what were the stand-out moments from their wedding day? Well, leading up to the wedding there was a big fuss about the fact that Kate had decided to do her own make-up. William on the other hand decided to not wear any type of jewelry to the ceremony. That was branded as uncharacteristic of a future king.

There were also rumors that the military uniforms worn by William and Harry to the ceremony were sweatproof. No word was released as to whether they were commissioned by Nike, Under Armor, or a more British sports brand.

What They'll Be Doing To Celebrate

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Other than the pictures we haven't actually received any official word from Kensington Palace as to what the Duke and Duchess are going to be doing on this special date. Speaking of remembering though, William did use to arrive in style to visit Kate via helicopter. Since he was a pilot he would fly himself at times out to see her.

After ten years of being married and essentially work partners the pictures show us they are still very happy, but do they tell the whole truth?

The State Of The Marriage Ten Years In

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Kate and William have always looked like the perfect couple in front of the camera. People in the '80s, though, said the same thing about William's parents Charles and Diana. We know how that one turned out. It seems all is well with William and Kate, but ...

There have been some rumors throughout the years that William was looking for company in the arms of other women. In 2019 the rumors of William having an affair got serious. Rose Hanbury a former model who was in the same social circles as William and Kate was pointed out as the woman in question. Lucky for William, Harry and Meghan made a whole mess and everyone forgot about those rumors!

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