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Ireland Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin Shows Off Gnarly Bloody Nose After Adventures In Babysitting

By Jeff Mazzeo

Bloody hell!! Ireland Baldwin showed off the results of her adventures in babysitting on Friday, April 23.

The 25-year-old shared a messy selfie that featured a ridiculous amount of blood rushing out of her nose and down her face. The blood appeared to flow freely into her mouth as she did her best not to drip everywhere while taking her pic. "I watched two 7-year-old boys for 45 minutes and it went like..." Ireland captioned the messy scene. Nobody ever said babysitting was easy!

Ireland's bloody nose.

The babysitting fiasco seemingly went down on Thursday night, but the influencer posted the bloody pic to her feed on Friday morning. The funny star hilariously included #birthcontrol in her caption. As you could imagine, her followers expressed their shock and awe about her situation. "So you weaved when you should have ducked? 😂😂😂 I do hope you are alright! 🌹🙏" one fan commented, while another said, "This is normal as a mom 😂."

Ireland's uncle, Billy Baldwin, mentioned that bloody noses were commonplace in the Baldwin household. "When I grew up with your father and your uncles we called that... Tuesday. 🤪" he joked.

Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'Em!

Ireland's smoking selfie.

Baldwin's painful pics come after a joyous week of celebrating two beloved pseudo-holidays. She proudly posted about Earth Day, but she really proved her love for 4/20 with some smoking shots! Ireland sensually took a few drags on something and shared the sultry selfies on social media. "Happy holidays 🥦 Too stoned to find a marijuana - like emoji so here’s a broccoli. Smoke safely and watch a good documentary tonight," she wrote alongside the smoking selfies.

Her sense of humor is what attracts most of her devoted followers, but she also likes to share the more cheeky side of her personality as well. Check out her latest tattoo pic below!

New 'Yee Haw' Tattoo

Ireland getting a tattoo.

Ireland's body is a temple... and she must decorate! The 25-year-old added a very interesting tattoo to her massive collection. The cute tatt of a cowboy boot and the phrase, "Yee Haw!" are interesting enough, but it was the placement of the new ink that cracked her fans up. She got the boot tattooed on her booty!

"Taking more time off of Instagram buttttt I got a new tattoo because I ❤️ impulsive decisions," she wrote earlier this week.

She's had an eventful couple of days!

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