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Prince William & Prince Harry Seen Talking During Prince Philip's Funeral

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By Mario Perez

Prince Phillip was finally laid to rest today about a week after he passed. Many of the storylines leading up to the funeral have now become a thing of the past. The ceremony was surprisingly quick and efficient. Much of that was due to the fact that COVID restrictions did not allow for the grandest of occasions. At the end of the day the “simple” affair if there is anything simple with the royals, may have just been exactly what Prince Phillip wanted.

Gut-Wrenching Images Of The Queen

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As was reported leading up to the funeral the queen rode in a Bently to the chapel as the rest of her family walked behind the Prince’s casket. There were many moments throughout the ceremony that made you feel for The Queen.

As she descended from the car to enter the chapel there was none of the typical spring in her step that we’ve become accustomed from the Queen all of these years. She seemed to be arching forward. This is not meant to criticize the posture of a 94-year-old woman. It was more of a literal sign of grief.

She Spent Time Fighting Back The Tears

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While there was not a clear indication that the Queen was tearing up throughout the ceremony it certainly seemed like she was holding back the tears multiple times during the ceremony. The camera showed her with her head bowed throughout most of the ceremony. All dressed in black and with the mask covering her face there was certainly not much to see as far as facial expressions go.

The moment though was certainly filled with grief and sadness that certainly could be perceived by everyone who was watching on.

They Did Not Arrive Together But They Did Leave Together

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A lot was made throughout the week about how Prince William and Prince Harry would interact throughout the funeral. As it was reported they did not walk shoulder to shoulder in the procession. Also, none of the members of the Royal Family whore their military uniforms. The all-black outfits certainly helped paint a gloomy scene.

The end of the service was certainly way less formal, particularly as the Queen raced off in her Bently. William, Kate, and Harry walked out of the chapel and were seen chatting away, just like the good old days when the three would go out on royal engagements.

What This Means Means For The Brothers Moving Forward

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Things are certainly looking up for the brothers. Sure, it was only a few moments that we got to see them smiling and chatting. When you consider though that they were not even speaking to each other a couple of months ago the future does look bright.

Does that mean that William will be headed to Southern California in the next couple of months to see his new neice? That remains to be seen. It could help though make the unveiling of the new Diana statue a much more relaxed affair than it otherwise would have been.

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