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Jeffree Star Hospitalized Following Massive Car Accident, Car Flipped THREE Times!

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By Mike Walters

'YouTube' star Jeffree Star is recovering in a hospital after being injured in a severe car accident where his vehicle flipped three times!

Jeffree took to social media and shared photos from inside the emergency room, where it appears he will recover, but described the scary incident.

Star described driving with and best friend, Daniel Lucas, and running into some "black ice" which caused their vehicle to lose control and flip several times. After the accident, both men were hospitalized for their injuries.

See The Photos!

See Photos From Inside The Hospital!


"A few hours ago Jeffree and Daniel were in a severe car accident and the car flipped 3 times after hitting black ice Broken heart We will update you all when the doctor gives us more info. So thankful they are both alive," Star wrote.

The 'YouTube' star shared this photo from inside the hospital where the duo is holding hands and he is laying in a bed wearing a neck brace. It's unclear from the photos if either suffered any severe injuries.

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'Youtube' Star Says Car Flipped Three Times After Hitting 'Black Ice'

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According to local reports, the two men are being treated at Wyoming Medical Center, and luckily are both in "stable condition."

Interestingly, Jeffree was the subject of several news stories after people connected him to Kanye West following the split with Kim Kardashian. Star denied any relationship with West, but they are living in a similar part of the mid-western state.

Several days ago, Star posted an Instagram story about how he and Lucas were in Wyoming and would be posting new YouTube videos about their friendship.

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Fans React To Nasty Car Accident


Interestingly, several fans responded with get-well-soon messages and others posted quite nasty reactions to the accident.

"Who the f--k just speeds thru on black ice? Let alone not know whether the roads are icy?" one person wrote.

Another reacted to the negative comments, saying, "I can believe how disgusting these comments are. Whether you like him or not, show compassion and sympathy. If this is someone you loved would you want someone making disgusting comments as well? Keep them to yourself. They aren’t needed."

"Omg!!! This is so so horrible and I’m so sorry. I really hope you’re both okay :’( Praying for you guys and sending all my love," another fan wrote.

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