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Plans For The Funeral Procession Of Prince Philip Released : William & Prince Harry Won't Walk Together

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By Mario Perez

The funeral for Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh will be held this Saturday. As if it were a sporting event the Palace has already released the "lineups". Giving us an insight into what we are going to expect to see during the ceremony.

One of the biggest takeaways that we are getting from this news by far is that Prince William and Prince Harry will not be walking side by side as it was originally thought. There is no clear indication that this decision was made because of the tension between the brothers. It does though seem like that very well could be the case.

The Order Of The Procession

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Here's how the procession is going to look like. We'll have the Band of Grenadier Guards at the front of the procession. The second group is going to be made up of military commanders and the chiefs of staff. Behind them will be the famous Land Rover vehicle that will carry the prince's remains. Behind the coffin will be the members of the Royal Family.

At the very end of the procession, we'll see the Queen riding in her Bently. Due to the COVID 19 restrictions, the procession will be entirely held within the grounds of the Windsor estate and not out on the streets of London as it may well otherwise have.

Who is Standing Next To Who?

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Brothers William and Harry are going to be split by their cousin Peter Phillips who is the son of Princess Anne. That's going to happen for the first part of the procession. In the second part of the ordeal, we are going to get to see Harry walking behind William and next to his uncle David Armstrong-Jones who is the son of Princess Margaret the Queen's late sister.

With this, it's probable that we'll see Harry in the background of the ordeal in the second row behind William as happened in some of the last royal events that Harry has taken part in.

The Queen In A Bently

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While there is certainly going to be quite a bit of attention focused on William and Harry certainly one of the most gut-wrenching visuals is set to be the Queen's ride in the procession. Riding in a Bently while everyone else walks certainly seems like a very royal gesture.

We will see, though, the Queen on her own during this rough. While in most of the other royal funerals she has been known for keeping her composure this could be the exception as she says goodbye to her lifelong partner.

Following COVID Protocols

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In the last couple of days, it had been reported that only 30 people were going to be allowed inside the chapel for the funeral. When the plans for the procession came out it was clear that too many people were going to be involved.

What the palace has mentioned though is that not everyone who is going to be in the procession will be in the Chapel. Only the Royal Family members in attendance will be allowed into the chapel. While sitting 6 feet apart from each other and wearing masks.

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