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Will The Queen Step Down After Her Husband's Death?

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By Mario Perez

For years people have been speculating whether or not the Queen would essentially retire from her role as monarch due to her advanced age. Even though many people feel like being the Queen seems like an awesome job having to appear in front of the public on a daily basis for about 70 years to this point, would be too much to bear for many people.

In the aftermath of the death of her husband could stepping down be an option that her majesty considers at this point in her life? The truth is she's probably not considering this, but here are a couple of reasons why doing so could be a good idea.

'Abdication': A Dirty Word For The Queen

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The main reason that people point to as to why the Queen has yet to step down from her role despite her age was her uncle's abdication. For non-fans of The Crown out there, here's a bit of history.

The Queen's uncle Edward the VIII abdicated the throne so that he could marry an American divorced woman Wallis Simpson. All these years later Prince Harry just followed a royal trend after all. In any case, the abdication meant the crown fell to the current queen's father and then to her. She remembers that the monarchy trended rough waters in those days. Therefore, she probably doesn't want to see a repeat of that.

Prince Charles Isn't Exactly The Popular Kid In School

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Another one of the reasons why the Queen may be a bit reluctant to give up the throne is the fact that Prince Charles isn't exactly a popular character. Long story short, when his marriage to Diana crumbled she was the winner in the court of public opinion.

After the circumstances regarding Diana's death were revealed a lot of people were even suspicious that the royals had a hand in the matter. Plus, Charles goes and marries his mistress Camila a few years after Diana's death. Add all that up and you get kind of why not a lot of people are fans of his.

Charles Not Being Popular Could Be The Perfect Reason To Step Down

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An argument could be made, though, that because Charles is not heavily popular the Queen should actually step down. If she all of a sudden dies and the crown falls to Charles then it would just be his show to run without her there to guide him.

On the other hand, if she decides to step down it could be a perfect opportunity to show her son the ropes of the business and correct him when he makes mistakes. That way when she does eventually pass away she can be sure Charles is on the right path.

Is Going Directly To William An Option?

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The polls in Britain seem to indicate that the people would widely prefer that Prince William become king after his grandmother's passing. Is that something that could happen? Sure, but it would have to do so with Prince Charles agreeing to step down.

This is going to sound like a full-blown conspiracy theory, but if the Queen abdicates in life, and then forces Charles to do the same, that could be a way to have the Crown fall to William. In his 30's he's more physically able to travel the world than a woman in her 90's or a man in his 70's. By all accounts, though, the Queen is not set to step down even after the death of her husband.

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