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Is Usher Paying For Lap Dances With Fake Bills?

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By Mario Perez

If you're wondering why singer Usher was trending on Twitter Monday, the story is rather surprising. The singer was apparently at a nightclub in Vegas recently and wanted to acquire the services of a dancer. This wasn't necessarily an audition to be a backup dancer in one of his videos.

According to the Instagram user, @beel0ove Usher paid her for a night of dances with fake bills that had his face on them. The user posted photos of the bills on her social media page, along with the accusations.

Real or Fake?

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At the time of writing there hasn't been any reaction from Usher or his reps on the story, however, the strip club is coming to his defense and claiming everyone was paid with real money. Oddly enough though Usher posted a picture on his social media less than a day ago of him wearing a hat made with presumably "real" dollar bills.

Was the mixup because the bills for the hat were supposed to be the fake ones and the real ones intended to go in his wallet for his night out on the town? At this point, there is no real confirmation about anything.

The Usher Dollars All A Big Publicity Stunt?

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What we can confirm at this point is the existence of "Usher Dollars". No, this is not a new form of cryptocurrency that Usher wants to push out on the market. Actually, the dollars are a promotional stunt for Usher's new regency show in Las Vegas.

The show is going to be called USHER: The Vegas Experience. For that show though Usher is only going to be taking real dollars. At least as far as has been reported by Caesar's Palace the hotel who will host the show.

The Show At Caesar's Palace

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One of the things that make the story of the fake Usher dollars quite a bit credible is that Usher could be in Vegas already at this point. His regency is set to open in July. The show is going to be the headliner at the Colosseum theater at the hotel. The show will be held on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

If you want to get into that show you are going to have to pay at least around 59 dollars. Again, there is no word as to whether or not Usher dollars will be accepted.

Usher Team In Damage Control Mode

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Although there has not been a statement released by the Usher camp at this point time, that doesn't mean that Usher's PR team is not hard at work. Many users on the comment section of the IG post that shows Usher with the dollar hat have reported that Usher's PR eliminating the comments from the post. If those reports are true the team could be biting off a little more than they can chew. As the comments keep coming in hot at this time.

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