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Prince Harry Will Speed Up Return to UK To Attend Prince Philip's Funeral

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By Mario Perez

Just yesterday there was a lot of speculation and rumors brewing around the return of Prince Harry to the UK. There had been reports that his brother had reached to him to "catch up" before the two would unveil a statue of their mother at Kensington Palace.

With the sad news of the passing of Prince Philip, Harry's schedule is undoubtedly going to be altered quite a bit. Although Meghan is expected to give birth in about a few months' time this is not an occasion Harry will probably pass on.

Harry's Relationship With His Granfather

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It's no secret to basically anyone at this point that Harry's relationship with his family has seen better days. Who is to blame for the rift is a hot topic of debate. Yet, by Harry's own account his relationship with his grandfather had always remained a close one.

Just a couple of months back Harry revealed to James Corden that he had continued to keep in touch with his grandparents. Revealing that he would have Zoom calls with Prince Philip. When his grandfather was on lockdown at Windsor Castle.

Prince Philip's Funeral Arrangments

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The elaborate pomp and ceremony that is very typical of Royal events shows up even in funeral processions. Oddly enough it was Prince Philip who convinced Harry to walk behind his mother's coffin after her untimely death.

Philip though had made it clear that he did not want a massive state funeral to take place for him when he passed away. Now that the time has come experts are expecting the procession to be a much more private low-key affair. That is set to take place on Windsor grounds.

Finding Harry This Summer

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Prince Harry was set to have a pretty eventful summer, to begin with. As he is due to become a father for a second time. He was meant to be in the UK to commemorate what would have been his mother's 60th birthday.

With the death of his grandfather, we will perhaps see Harry cross the Atlantic multiple times in the next couple of months. As he tries to juggle fatherhood and family responsibilities. The Royal Family is without a doubt a pretty demanding family. Even when you seemingly quit the family business.

Meghan Probably Staying Put

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Another thing that's not a major secret is that Meghan is not overly fond of her in-laws. That whole having to curtsy before the Queen thing is not her style. At least that's what she told Oprah. In any case, being heavily pregnant at this point it's unlikely that she'll make the trip.

Depending on how the times match up with the birth of her child there's a good chance that she'll miss the event dedicated to Diana as well. If that happens it's surely going to help boost her popularity with the British public!

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