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Rory McIlroy Hits His Dad With A Golf Ball At The Masters

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By Mario Perez

The Masters tournament is arguably the most important weekend in the PGA tour calendar all year long. That's why some of the sport's top stars come out to play. It's also the tournament that most people want to watch.

If your son is playing and he's got a shot at the green jacket you're probably going to want to be on the course. Rory McIlroy dad though found out the hard way that the golf course may not be a friendly place. Particularly when the player that you're following is not having a great day.

How Bad Did He Get Hit?

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Anyone who has been hit with a golf ball can tell you that it's usually not the best experience in the world. Particularly if you're hit from up close. In this case, Mr. McIlroy wasn't that close to the ball, to begin with.

He did take the hit though directly from the shot. The ball essentially landed on the side of his leg from what can be seen in the video. Rory and his caddie showed off some amazing eyesight as they immediately figured out the shot had hit his dad.

A Hard Day To Hit Someone In The Gallery

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The Masters is usually a tournament that draws in a ton of people and we'll see massive crowds particularly following players like Rory. In this case, the number of people that were granted access to the tournament was considerably reduced due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

There were about 5 thousand people on the course this Thursday. To hit a shot so badly that it ultimately ends up hitting one of the few people that are following you and having that person be your dad that's nearly an impossible feat.

That Kind Of Day For Rory

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The fact that he missed an approach shot that hit his dad in the back of the leg kind of sums up what the day was like for McIlroy. He is currently sitting at 4 shots over par, 11 shots off the lead. Just in simple terms that's a ton of ground to make up. If Rory was looking to have a chance to win a green jacket he'll probably have to lower his expectations to making the cut. While making sure that his dad is safe on the sidelines this Friday.

Who Does Vegas Think Will Take The Green Jacket?

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The odds are very much stacked up against some of the golfers that seemed to be the favorites before they teed off today. Justin Rose and Jordan Speith are the two big names that sit at the top with the best odds to win the tournament.

There is still a lot of golf left to play though. This means there is still time for some of these light-hearted moments to take place. At least it seems like everything ended up in just a good laugh between father and son.

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