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Chris Pratt and Bryson DeChambeau

Chris Pratt Picks Bryson DeChambeau To Win The Masters

By Jeff Mazzeo

Chris Pratt knows a thing or two about clutch performances, and he thinks Bryson DeChambau is due for one!

The "Terminal List" actor shared a very sweaty prediction for who he thinks will win the Masters at Agusta National Golf Club. Pratt, a golf fanatic who has an entire room dedicated to the sport at his house, took to social media on Wednesday, April 8, and explained his favorite for the legendary tournament. "I'm excited to see Bryson play," Chris exclaimed. "Love watching that guy play!"

Pratt's Pick

Chris Pratt

The "Guardians of the Galaxy" actor continued to explain why he selected DeChambeau to win the green jacket.

"Stand up dude, hits the ball a mile, great putter," Chris said about Bryson. "I really like the way he handles himself; good dude!"

"Let's go... let's go, Bryson!" he exclaimed. "Let's go, baby!"

DeChambeau was clearly honored by the faith the big-time Hollywood actor put in him, and he returned the favor by speaking highly of Pratt's golf game. "He has game!!" Bryson wrote about Chris on his IG story, and he included two rocket emojis.

Bryson starts the first round of his Masters journey at 1:36 pm in Group 28. Perhaps all he needs is Pratt's support to slip that green jacket on... but he's got to make the cut first (he's not worried)!

Chris Shoots A 76

Chris Pratt's trackman score.

The star was clearly pumped up about the major tournament and played a simulated round in his golf room. Pratt has a sweet TrackMan golf simulator set up at his pad, and he bragged about shooting a great simulated score. "Shootin 76 on the Sim!!" he wrote while showing his scorecard.

"I'm just full-on living the dream here at my house, just played a round on my TrackMan golf simulator... wow!!" he said while specifying that his video was not an ad. "So pumped!"

Golfers know that a sweet setup like that is not cheap, but we are pretty sure Chris has the scratch to have every putting matt and training aid on the market.

Chris Pratt's putting matt.

The actor definitely "gets it" when it comes to the struggle of the average golfer. Like the rest of us who will be watching the Masters from home, he frequently discusses the highs and lows of the game. He went on a lengthy rant and said that the game does not treat him fairly in October.

"Question is: Does this putting practice translate to lower scores on the course!? Answer is: Oh hell no. I am still really bad for all the damn time I spend on this game. But... do I enjoy it? Nope. I mean. Kinda? When it’s good it’s real good (very rarely) but when it’s bad I want to throw my clubs off a bridge. Basically, if any man ever treats my daughter the way golf treats me I will tell her to leave him. I wish I was man enough to quit golf. I CANT QUIT YOU! Golf is mean to me. She’s cruel. She’s downright abusive. But I guess... I guess I love her. I guess that’s love. I must love this game. It drives me crazy. And here I am obsessing about it."

We have all been there, Chris! Keep at it!

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