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Tiger Woods Accident: Golfer Driving 30 MPH Over The Speed Limit During Crash

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By Mike Walters

The official cause of Tiger Woods' brutal car accident that landed him in the hospital is speeding.

According to multiple reports, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department will present their findings to the public during a press conference on Wednesday, outlining the contributing factors to the accident.

But, details of the incident may always be shrouded in mystery after the Sheriff's failed to pull phone records or blood samples after Tiger's crash to determine if anything else could have added to the near-fatal situation.

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Tiger Woods Going Over 80 MPH In A 45 MPH Zone


During the accident, Tiger Woods was allegedly driving over 80 MPH in a 45 MPH zone at the time of the crash. Authorities are saying speed was the sole cause of the accident, and Tiger has waived his right to privacy, so the Sheriff can present the information to the public.

Interestingly, it's unclear how investigators can be clear that speed was the ONLY contributor to the accident if they didn't pull blood samples in search of any prescription substances -- also, reports say they didn't pull cell phone records either, to determine if he was talking or texting on it.

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L.A. Sheriff's Claims There Is No Evidence Tiger Woods Was Under The Influence


As we reported, investigators pulled the black box from Tiger's SUV to determine details of the car's movements in the seconds prior to the crash. In the report, it states Woods actually accelerated at the time of the crash, and gained speed as he lost control of the vehicle.

Investigators said there were no skid marks on the ground leading up the area of impact -- and Tiger Woods launched directly off of the road at full speed. Shockingly, at this point, no charges or criminal citations will be filed against the golfer.

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No Criminal Charges, Or Citations To Be Filed Against The Golfer


As you know, Tiger Woods sustained massive injuries to his lower legs during the accident -- including a compound fracture of a leg bone and crushing the ankle and foot on the other side.

According to reports, the legendary golfer also hit his head 3 to 4 times on something hard inside the cabin. Tiger was unconscious when the first responders arrived on the scene and had no recollection of driving once he came around.

It should be noted, Sheriff's already said there was NO evidence Tiger was under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the accident -- and they are saying it was purely an "accident."

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