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Lil Pump

Lil Pump Gives His Grandma A Gun For Photo Op And Buys A Monkey With A Collared Shirt

By Jeff Mazzeo

Lil Pump's grandma is a straight-up gangster... or at least she plays one on the gram!

The "Gucci Gang" rapper is back to his wild antics, but instead of acrylic nails, this time, he had his g-ma hold the strap with an extended mag! Pump shared the image of Grandma Pump holding a scary-looking firearm on Tuesday night and declared her his "shoota." If that is not crazy enough for you, the rapper also hit the studio with a monkey named Dior Dan, who was wearing a fancy collared shirt... we can't make this stuff up!

Grandma Pump

Lil Pump's grandma holding a firearm.

"Grandma pump my shoota," he captioned the shocking photo.

The pic appeared to be taken around Christmas time, and grandma was posing in the rapper's "Esketit" chain. Grandma's willingness to go along with her grandson's crazy ideas has caused fans to question if the matriarch of the family partakes in illegal activities with Pump. As far as we know, she just likes to be included in her grandson's jokes... and he has a lot of them!

Monkey Business


Grandmas with guns is one thing, but bringing a shirted monkey to the studio is on a whole other level! Pump revealed his furry friend via his IG story on Tuesday night when he was in the studio. The rapper said that the monkey's name is Dior Dan, a fitting one for such a well-dressed primate!

Pump let the little guy squeak and talk into the mic and claimed that he was "trying to rap." Dior Dan ended his night by sitting on the shoulder of a woman giving the rapper a lap dance. It was certainly a night that the monkey will never forget... and one that Pump hopes that PETA never finds out about.

Acrylic Nails

Lil Pump's acrylic nails.

Lil Pump made headlines when he faced backlash for putting his acrylic nails on display last month. The rapper proudly showed off his new manicure while smoking, but the video was not well received by the community. In fact, Kodak Black threatened to "block" the star after getting his nails done. "Leave that for Lil Yachty. Don't do that shit, Lil Pump," he said at the time. Kodack was recently involved in a shooting, so he probably has bigger fish to fry rather than worrying about Pump's nails.

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