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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle To Star In Netflix Show Post Oprah

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By Mario Perez

Only about a month removed from the Oprah interview that was a pity party for some and an eye opening event for others the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are back in the spotlight. The couple had signed a deal with Netflix to feature in different shows for the streaming service in the coming years. It seems that their first outing with Netflix won’t be playing themselves on The Crown as many people would have hoped. Instead the couple are going to be featured in a docu-series titled “Heart of Invictus”.

Harry & The Invictus Games

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The Invictus Games are certainly a cause that is very near and dear to Harry. The games are a set of competitions that are set to feature injured war veterans. Most of the events are sports that could be found in the paralympic games mixed with some different types of sports for people with disabilities. A couple of years back the Obama’s were featured in a video to promote the games. As a response Harry got his grandmother the Queen to appear in a reply video to the presidential couple. Her majesty will probably be staying clear of the Netflix cameras this time around though.

What To Expect From The Docuseries

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The “Heart of Invictus” docuseries is going to be a multi episode feature. Oddly enough Oscar winning British director Orlando von Einsiedel has signed on to direct the project. Prince Harry will be part of the producing team while also appearing on camera himself. The episodes will revolve around different athletes that are meant to compete in the games as they train. While also developing a backstory for the audience to witness from the different athletes.

Will The Invictus Games Get Back On Track?

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Even though the docu series will revolve around the Invictus Games competition and the athletes that take part in it the event itself has been cancelled yet again in 2021. In 2020 the competition was scrapped due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as were many if not all major sporting events that were due to take place last year. There is speculation though that the 2021 cancellation is more of a by-product of Harry’s falling out with the Royal Family. Pointing out the fact that Buckingham Palace won’t be happy to pick up the tab for the event in the upcoming years.

Where Does Meghan Fit Into All Of This?

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Both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have signed on with Netflix to be featured in different shows for the streaming service in the coming years. Yet, it’s pretty clear that this first show is more geared towards Harry. That being said, Meghan Markle is set to appear on the show as well. Potentially providing commentary on some of the stories that are going to be showcased by the series.

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