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Justin Bieber and baby niece

Did Justin Bieber Just Reveal His Easter Baby?

By Rebecca Cukier

Justin Bieber is getting asked if he's "a dad" as shirtless photos of him enjoying tender outdoor moments with a chubby baby spark fatherhood speculation. The 27-year-old superstar singer, already massively in the news of late for both the March release of "Peaches" track and "Justice" album, plus a surprise new EP, now sees some of his Instagram followers wondering if he and 2018-married wife Hailey Baldwin have had a baby. Justin spent Easter with a little one, but is it his? Check it out below.

Baby Photos Spark Comments

Justin Bieber and wife selfie

Scroll for the snaps. Justin, who has revealed he wants a "little tribe" of kids with supermodel wife Hailey, updated last night with gorgeous grass-set picnic photos of himself all shirtless tattoos and entertaining one very cute baby. The little girl, seen in a tulle pink tutu and matching bunny ears, was just about old enough to appreciate her colorful Easter eggs, with "Sorry" singer Justin seen tenderly keeping her company with two other adults.

"Iris" was written on the baby's ears, with Bieber writing: "Wow baby Iris u are a doll."

See The Photos!


Justin, who has snagged over 3 million likes for the photos, has definitely sparked comments. Most fans immediately realized that the baby is the singer's niece Iris Elle Aronow, but some were missing the info. "You're a dad?!" one fan asked, with others quickly jumping in and replying: "She's his niece" and "No."

"I can't wait until you're a dad. You'll be the best," a popular comment read, with the exact same thought echoed by a user replying: "Can't wait for you to be a dad!" See more photos below.

Wants 'Tribe' Of Kids


In late 2020, Bieber appeared on "The Ellen Show," and he definitely aired his mind when it comes to becoming a father. The crooner told Ellen DeGeneres:

"I’m going to have as many [kids] as Hailey is willing to push out. I’d love to have myself a little tribe, but it’s her body and whatever she wants to do. I think she wants to have a few."

"I think Hailey still has some things she wants to accomplish as a woman, I don’t think she’s ready yet and I think that’s OK," he added. More below.

She Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumors

Justin Bieber and wife Hailey in the street
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Hailey, meanwhile, has been forced to defend her status, denying allegations that she was knocked up last year. The blonde shut down the speculation, telling fans: "I’m not pregnant. So please stop writing false stories from your “sources” and focus on what’s important aka [also known as] the election."

Bieber further fueled fatherhood rumors in 2019, taking to Instagram and big-time hinting he might want a little one, writing: "Love dates with you baby.. one day Ill be doing daddy daughter dates..... not hinting at anything soon I’m not in a rush."

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