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'The Late Late Show' Host James Corden Drops 20 POUNDS On Weight Watchers!

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By Mike Walters

James Corden is down 20 pounds and he did the good old-fashioned Oprah Winfrey way...using Weight Watchers!

'The Late Late Show' host announced the healthy progress after completing his third month with company 'WW' which is formerly known as Weight Watchers. The talk show host opened up about the experience and is being featured in one of the companies new commercials.

"WW has changed my life without disrupting my life," he said.

The good news is he claims he didn't have to give up the good things in his life, like PIZZA!

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"I used to go on a crash diet every January. By April, any progress I had made at the beginning of the year was already out the window. With WW, it's a different story," he told People.

He continued, "I can eat what I love, and the app everything — it keeps me focused. And guess what? I'm down 20 pounds since the start of this year."

Corden showed off his new weight loss in a new commercial for the health and wellness company, which will begin airing this weekend.

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Favorite Meal: Chickpea-Crust Pizza With Sausage And Broccoli Rabe!

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So, what's his favorite meal you ask?! Corden normally cooks up a "chickpea-crust pizza with sausage and broccoli rabe." Doesn't sound too bad, does it?

"I'm fed up with the way I look, I'm fed up with being unhealthy, with 'this is the year I'm doing it,' " he said.

Adding, "Because of that, over Christmas, I've eaten everything that's in the fridge because in my head in January I'm starting this diet and it'll be a success. And as you can see it hasn't."

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James Corden: I Wanted To Change The Way I Live


According to Corden, he decided to give Weight Watchers a shot because it was "more about wellness, and health and feeling better, rather than just trying to lose a load of weight."

He continued, "I want to change the way that I live. I want to be better for my children and for my family. I don't want to wake up tired, or feel embarrassed when I'm chasing my son on the soccer field and [I'm] out of breath after three minutes. The weight is not the issue, it's the wellness of it I am ready to tackle. I'm going to take this year and work towards getting healthy."


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