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Nastia Liukin smiling close up

Gymnast Nastia Liukin Casually Re-Creates Childhood Side Splits

By Rebecca Cukier

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin plopped herself into the side splits with remarkable ease in a photo comparing her 31-year-old self to her 3-year-old self yesterday. The five-time Olympic medalist, who has been doing a giant Q&A for her 1 million Instagram followers, this week picked a fan query regarding her flexibility, with a photo very much proving that the caption rang true. Nastia, raised by two Olympic gymnast parents, posted a kiddie snap of herself all rubber-band, and it looks like nothing has changed. Check it out below.

Born With It

Nastia Liukin stretching outdoors

Scroll for the photo. Nastia, making headlines recently for walking across a gym floor on her hands, updated with two photos sandwiched into one snap. The 2008 all-around champion first appeared youthful and aged 3, with the image showing the blonde gazing at the camera while straddled out in the splits and wearing a siver-white leotard.

Directly below it was a photo of Nastia outdoors and in the same position as she highlighted her incredible flexibility in tight spandex leggings and a matching tank.

Keep Scrolling For The Photo!

Nastia Liukin poolside in shorts

Up top, Nastia had written; "Me at 3 years old," and fans quickly saw why. "R u naturally flexible or did it take a lot of practice to get as flexible as u were?" the fan had written. Liukin, who may not have appreciated the question ending with "were" over "are," then wrote: "Me last week" to caption her recent split.

The clap-back comes as Nastia makes headlines for firing back overall. This year has brought Liukin clapping back over her "gross skinny chicken legs."

See More Photos Below!

Nastia splits as child and adult

Nastia, who admitted gaining 10-20 pounds after retiring aged just 22 in 2012, has also opened up on being weirded out by ordinary gyms. In 2016, she told The Cut:

"I remember walking into a regular gym, not a gymnastics gym, and looking at the equipment and thinking, “What are these things?” I had no idea what to do and how to use this equipment because my whole life was so structured."

Extending both legs in a bubble bath then made 2020 headlines. See why below.

Brands Love Her

Nastia Liukin in a bubble bath

The above photo came as Nastia "brought bubble baths back for 2020" in a skincare promo for Olay. The new Pottery Barn face is clearly massively popular with brands, having also fronted Facebook App this year, plus regularly influencing for clothing brand Revolve. Nastia also retails her own $55 Celery Green Cream with Volition, just this week announcing that she's harnessing the power of celery into a new skincare product. Nastia announced the Instant Glow Celery Green Mask yesterday.

Scroll for Nastia's massive bikini thigh gap!

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