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Farrah Abraham at an event

Farrah Abraham Flaunts Harvard Brains For Haters

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By Rebecca Cukier

Farrah Abraham is bragging about her Harvard University enrolment and directing it towards the "haters." The 29-year-old former "Teen Mom" star has been clapping back on TikTok as she goes Q&A, with the ex MTV star this week proving she isn't just a pretty face. Posting with daughter Sophia, with whom she shares her TikTok account, Farrah shared a car video confirming she's studying at the prestigious university, with the footage coming as a fan attempted to challenge her HU student status. Check it out below.

Don't Say She Isn't

Farrah Abraham speaking at a table

Scroll for the video. Farrah updated all good looks and blonde hair with her daughter, with the video seeing the Nebraska native prompted by a fan comment reading:

"Why does your LinkedIn say you have a masters in liberal arts at Harvard University? You do know how easy it is to fact check? Aren't."

Clapping back, Farrah said "Thanks for being a hater" as she referred to herself as "somebody who's getting their masters at Harvard, your're so funny." Farrah added that "bank accounts don't lie and neither does my baby."

See The Video Below!


Farrah's "baby," next to her and in a cute bright red sweater, was then seen chiming in. "So. Where's your mommy enrolled for school right now?" Farrah asked, with Sophia promptly replying: "Harvard."

"Mmm. cry," Farrah concluded with smarm. Fans, however, aren't giving the reality star an easy time in the comments section. "Haha you mean Harvard extension online?" a user replied with cry-face emoji. Anyone can enrol for Harvard's extension classes, although becoming an extension student for a degree does require passing core classes.

Scroll For Her Lingerie Yacht Photo!

Farrah Abraham car selfie

Click here for the TikTok – scroll for more photos. Users, who regularly target Farrah via both her TikTok and her Instagram, were seemingly wearing their trolling hats.

"Ahem...Harvard Extension is...not the same," another added. Farrah is reported to have three college degrees: a degree in culinary arts, one in culinary management, and another in accounting.

“I had kind of a breakdown today, literally like lost it. Because Sophia, like, totally forgot that I went to college, she totally forgot, like, what I have my degrees in,” she has said. See the lingerie shot below!

Slammed Over Parenting

Farrah Abraham in lingerie on a yacht

In 2020, Farrah found herself savagely slammed for enjoying a skimpy lingerie-clad yacht outing with 12-year-old daughter Sophia accompanying her. Speaking to TMZ after it, Farrah claimed she was sex-shamed, saying:

"I feel like a lot of moms are sex shamed, which I definitely have been in my life, and when I am single, gorgeous, young, and beautiful I would almost regret looking back at my life not living a happy and outgoing life," adding:

"I would definitely hope my daughter is never shamed to not be herself and not be her happiest."

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