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Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer Reveals Dad Is In The Hospital, Jokes About Bad Magician Accident

By Jeff Mazzeo

Amy Schumer is keeping her dad and her spirits high after she revealed he is in the hospital.

The comedienne shared a selfie that featured her father, Gordon in a hospital bed on Monday, March 29. Schumer posed alongside her father as she snapped a masked-up pic. She was quick to crack a joke to make light of the serious situation. "I have terrible news," she wrote, "My father was in an unfortunate magician sawing accident." Amy described her father as being in "good spirits" but did not offer any more details about the situation.

Different Kind Of Dad Jokes

Amy Schumer and her father in the hospital.

Amy continued her magician accident joke, "He has a good spirit through it all and we’re still hoping the magician will turn back up," she concluded.

Many of the actress's famous friends sent positive vibes and well-wishes in the comments section. "oh no .... get better soon ❤️," Heidi Klum wrote, while Ashley Graham said, "We love you Dad!" Her comedian friends were not that sensitive, but we think Amy appreciated their jokes. "I have the bottom half. What’s it worth to you?" Nick Kroll commented, referring to her magician sawing joke.

Amy Schumer's selfie

Amy has been open about her father's health problems in the past. In 2015, she sat down with Barbara Walters and described his life-long medical issues, including suffering from Multiple Sclerosis since he was 12-years-old.

"Some days he's really good and he's with it and we're joking," Amy said at the time. "And some days I go to visit my dad and it's so painful. I can't believe it." She explained that she would always do her best to entertain him during tough times. "In terms of my dad being sick, it was just confusing to me, especially the way MS works. He was in physical pain. That's when I kind of took the lead and took care of everybody in my family. I would keep them — I would keep everybody laughing."

Give Her A Shot

Amy Schumer getting her vaccine.

Schumer recently made headlines for wearing her fanciest dress to her vaccine appointment. She shared a short clip of her vaccine experience and proceeded to tell jokes during the 15-minute wait time to entertain the front-line workers. "Take a pick[sic] of yourself getting the vaccine in your best suit or nicest dress," she captioned her funny video (seen below). "Use #downtogown Nice way to show respect to the people working there who understand the enormity of what it is they are doing. Thank you heroes."

Her jokes included an alternative place other than the arm to stick the needle... we will let you hear it from her own mouth!

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