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Nike Files Lawsuit Against Company Producing Lil' Nas X's 'Satan Shoes'

By Mike Walters

Nike is suing another sneaker company for allegedly infringing on their trademark after Lil' Nas X made huge headlines with a 'Satan' version of their Air Max 97 show line.

The 'Old Town Road' rapper made national headlines after revealing a collaboration with 'MSCHF Product Studio' to release a devil-themed show along with his music video, which are now being called the 'blood shoes.'

If you haven't seen them yet, Lil' Nas X is promoting the sneakers on social media which have a pentagram symbol, a bible verse stitched on the side referencing the devil, and allegedly a drop of blood from one of the companies employees.

Plus, they are only making 666 pairs...and Nike is NOT happy.

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Nike: We Are NOT Involved With Making Lil' Nas X's 'Blood Shoes'


According to multiple reports, Nike filed a lawsuit in federal court against the Brooklyn, New York, based company for making the customized sneakers.

Nike wants to be clear, they did not approve or have anything to do with the customization of the sneakers -- and in fact, are now suing because their designs and logos are being used in the process.

In a recent interview, LNX discussed the sneakers saying it was a "perfect match up" for the release of his new video, claiming, "It’s a very fun collaboration. The shoe looks amazing. Some people are going to be mad or whatever.” The musician says he is using the devil theme as a point of response to people who have demonized him, according to Complex.

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Shoe Company Sues For Copyright Infringement -- See The Photos!


According to the lawsuit, Nike is upset claiming the famous swoosh logo is being used on the 'blood shoes' and the release is tricking consumers into thinking it approved the devil-themed shoes.

Nike says they are "in no way connected with this project."

The shoes have sparked HUGE outrage in the sports world including starts like Trevor Lawrence who voiced his objection to the product. "Line has to be drawn somewhere. Smh," the star QB said.

BTW -- Due to the demand for the sneakers and the limited amount being sold -- they are selling for over $1,000 a-piece -- and are expected to reach HUGE numbers on the secondary market.

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