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Hunter McGrady in black evening dress

SI Model Hunter McGrady Bares It All for Body Positive Message

By Gary Trock

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Hunter McGrady is known for speaking out as an advocate for the body positive movement, and the star is once again using her platform to deliver a message about ignoring outside influences that dictate how young women should feel about their bodies. The 27-year-old model and social media influencer took to Instagram on Thursday afternoon with a captivating photo of herself confidently laying down in the nude while addressing a very real topic about body image.

Addressing Body Issues

Hunter McGrady on the runway in blue outfit

"When was it that we started hating our bodies?" Hunter McGrady asked her followers.

"There was that moment, that we started to even think about what our bodies looked like. We started comparing it, we started picking it apart, we started changing it. There was a moment in time though where we did not even think about the way it looked, we didn’t dwell on if we had rolls, or if we had a flat stomach, or if we were tall enough or short enough or if our thighs touched or didn’t touch."

Asking Her Fans

Hunter McGrady in leather corset

Remembering when she and others had a "childlike wonder about the world," Hunter McGrady asked her followers about when they started caring about the judgment that society cast on physical beauty.

"I opened this conversation up today on my stories and the response was split down the middle between," McGrady revealed, adding, "'I read it in a magazine or saw on tv' and “a family member either told me to change or spoke poorly about themselves," made up the majority of the responses.

Hunter McGrady in a floral dress

Stressing that young people know and understand more than adults give them credit for, Hunter McGrady explained, "Kids are always listening, and hanging on the every word you speak about yourself, and others, remember that. Society and media would love nothing more than to rob them of these years, I’m seeing kids compare themselves younger and younger because now more than ever they have access to even more now, social media, YouTube, tik tok, etc.

She added, "This is once again, why representation matters."

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