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Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Shares Gnarly Acupuncture Pic, Lists Horrific Injuries

By Jeff Mazzeo

How does a giant man relieve tension? With hundreds of tiny needles, of course!

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson shared some photos of himself in a position that we have never seen him in before on Friday, February 26. The 6'5", 260lbs actor made a point to share his acupuncture photos, where he says he looked like a "drunk buffalo." Johnson's massive frame enveloped an entire massage table as a trained professional stuck him with tiny needles and electric massagers. The Rock spoke about the power of healing and detailed a laundry list of injuries he suffered throughout his life. He was a college football player and a pro wrestler, after all!

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's acupuncture photo.

Dwayne, who is obviously a very busy person, noted that he does not take any moment when he is pampered for granted.

"Even though I look like a wounded, passed out drunk buffalo laying face down in prairies - can’t tell ya how grateful I am for these quiet healing/recovery moments," he wrote alongside his pointy pics.

His massive upper body, his toned calves, and his gigantic glutes were on full display while he relaxed on the table. The Rock has accumulated quite the list of horrific injuries (keep scrolling) that still require constant upkeep to keep himself in tip-top shape.

List Of His Horrific Injuries

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's calves.

Between his days of playing defensive tackle at the University of Miami and his days dropping the People's Elbow on countless opponents, he's racked up a crazy amount of injuries. He shared the list to paint a better picture of why he needs acupuncture.

"-4 knee surgeries -Torn quadricep off my pelvis -Torn adductor off my pelvis -Triple hernia surgery -Ruptured Achilles’ tendon -Completely shoulder reconstruction -3 low back disc herniations -2 low back disc ruptures," The Rock listed.

"It’s the daily reminder that we only have one body and we gotta take care of it..." he concluded.

Intense 'Black Adam' Training

The Rock posing in his home gym.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that a chiseled body like his needs time to rest. However, he gave some workout tips that included a directive to keep the "rest at a minimum" when he gloated about his killer workout for "Black Adam." He shared a sweaty, post-workout vlog and detailed how he gets his pectoral to look so fantastic! "Friday night #BlackAdamTraining ⚡️," Johnson wrote. "2nd workout of the day (first workout is morning cardio on an empty stomach)."

"- Chest/triceps split. Chest. 3 giant sets - 4 exercises per set working all angles of the chest. -Fly movement -Chest press -Incline press Finish with body weight dips til failure."

"Keep the rest at a minimum, just enough to recover."

"Triceps. Same protocol as chest. 3 giant sets. 4 different movements that engage all heads of the tricep.

While most humans cannot complete even one of his workouts, he did offer up some practical advice to anyone looking to start training.

"Push yourself to the limit but be smart with the weight. No ego training," he said. "The work is very hard but it’s why we play the game. Plus, if it comes easy - it’s boring."

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