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Ex-NBA Star Metta World Peace AKA Ron Artest & Wife Sued Over Car Accident

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By Ryan Naumann

Ex-NBA star Metta World Peace and his wife are being sued over a nasty car accident they allegedly caused.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a woman named Alessandro Dakdouk is suing the former Lakers star and his wife, Maya Sandiford. She claims to have suffered a ton of damages after a car crash involving Metta’s wife driving a car owned by her husband.

The court documents claim the car accident went down on March 7, 2019 in Los Angeles. The suit says the incident occurred on Westwood Blvd. and Ohio Avenue.


Metta World Peace’s wife Maya was driving his car at the time of the crash. The suit says the NBA star gave his partner permission to use his vehicle. The plaintiff believes he is liable for the crash because he owned the car and allowed Maya to drive.

The suit says “On or about said date, Defendant May Sandiford, Metta World Peace and each of them, so negligently and carelessly managed, maintained and/or operated their vehicle, so as to be the sole and proximate cause of the vehicular accident giving rise to the action herein”


Further, “On or about said date, Plaintiff was traveling northbound on Westwood Blvd, In the number one lane when Defendant, Maya Sandiford, Metta World Peace pulled out of FedEx & Ship Center parking, proceeding to make a U-turn wherein Defendant named herein, stuck Plaintiff’s vehicle causing Plaintiff damages and injuries.”

The suit is seeking unspecified damages for wage loss, loss of use of property, hospital and medical expenses, general damages and property damage. The plaintiff is also asking for damages for the “bodily injuries” sustained as a direct result of “defendant’s negligence.”

Shutterstock | 564025

Metta and his wife have yet to respond to the lawsuit in court.

In other news, Metta and his gorgeous wife seem to be living their best life together. Metta loves Maya so much he even changed his name AGAIN to reflect his admiration for his lover. The NBA star was once known as Ron Artest famously changed his name to Metta World Peace and has now changed it to Metta Sandiford-Artest.

He recently spoke about his changing name. He said, "The first game that I had with World Peace, I was like, “This is the dumbest thing ever.” I was coming off of the bench at that time, in 2011, and they say, “Metta World Peace!” And I remember not wanting to take off my warm-up. It was embarrassing. So I did think about changing my name back, but then I got used, people got used to it.

But right now, it’s funny because I got married, and my name now is Metta Sandiford-Artest. I actually took my wife’s last."

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