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Nastia Liukin close up

Gymnast Nastia Liukin Lifts Nightie With Thigh Gap Surprise

By Rebecca Cukier

Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin has been hiking up her satin nightie and flaunting that massive thigh gap. The 31-year-old Russian-born star, in the news of late for seeing her leggy showoffs spark storms from right-wing fans, kept the drama well clear for her 1 million Instagram followers last night. The five-time Olympic medalist was returning for round three of the "post a pic of" trend, and she dug out the very best – and, seemingly, the as-yet-unseen. Check it out below.

'Post A Pic Of'

Nastia Liukin selfie

Scroll for the nightie action. Nastia was asked to "post a pic from this date," with the fan requesting that the 2008 all-around champion go with 2/20/2019. Turns out that date brought a shoot as Nastia's $55 Celery Green Cream with Volition was getting promo – alongside leotard and haircare collabs, the blonde runs her own gig with a beauty product.

"FREAKING MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH" appeared in text as a goofy video of the "Dancing With the Stars" alum showed her scurrying around indoors during her Volition shoot.

See The Nightie Lift Below!

Nastia Liukin in cowgirl look

Shot indoors, and possibly inside the star's Dallas, TX home, the footage brought Nastia prancing around in a silky-effect and ivory-white nightie, plus a caramel-colored cover-up, with the gymnast cupping her chest and pulling groovy moves all barefoot and with her hair in a bun. A cheeky and brief lift of the sleepwear brought that famous thigh gap out, although it's been the source of controversy this week – apparently, Nastia flaunting her Gold Medal legs while quoting 31-year-old Taylor Swift is risky territory.

Scroll For Her Bikini Beach Run!


Nastia, who had added: "First shoot for #NastiaVolition @volitionbeauty," has explained her branch-out into beauty – if you don't live inside the star's Instagram, it's girly stuff galore, plus plenty of beauty blogging.

“I recently launched my own beauty product with Volition Beauty at Sephora," Nastia told Forbes in 2019. "That's been really cool to learn more about that space and process. It took twelve months to make, and we went through seven different variations of it."

See her stunning bikini run below!

Not Just A Gymnast

Nastia Liukin in bikini

Nastia, who has a lot of fingers in a lot of pies and is seemingly gearing up for Harley & Me dog-care brand, added:

"I would love to do more in the beauty and fashion spaces. I'm still trying to grow myself, my brand, and my audience past just gymnastics. So I have to be a little slower in certain areas.”

Right now, though, focus is on the upcoming 12th annual Nastia Cup. If gymnast Simone Biles sounds familiar, scroll for her removing her chest piercing in a bikini!

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